Corruption runs deep

As a Progressive I enjoy watching the Republicans and Democrats (Hillary, Trump and Biden) accuse each other of corruption. Of course both sides are correct.  If you doubt this, go to to find lists of their big-money corporate donors.

Corrupting corporate money is the reason that so many of us believe that our government doesn’t care about the small guy. That’s a big reason that Trump was elected—to “drain the swamp,” meaning stop the corruption.

You may not know (since the corporate news doesn’t fairly cover him) that Bernie Sanders has been struggling for years to get the Democratic National Committee to refuse corporate donations. In 2016, 17 corporate donors (including Bank of America, Facebook and Comcast) provided three-fourths of the total funding for the DNC. It is clear to me that the Democratic establishment does not work for us ordinary folks.

Don Eggleston, Aptos


County road conditions in Santa Cruz County

The poor conditions of our county roads is an issue and concern for many Santa Cruz County residents. 

It is an issue that has been pushed to the background and has left motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians to deal with hazardous conditions, traffic congestion and expensive repair bills.

The improvements that have been employed over this year, in and around the County are appreciated, but I can’t help but continue to see a neglect at any attempt at reconstruction on the roads where it is needed most. 

With the recent tax increases at the pump, including past history of the same and then watching the monies being subsidized elsewhere; can we allow the roads of this county to continue to be neglected and not speak out?

Anna Quintero, Watsonville


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