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September 22, 2023

Letter: Oral health for all

letter to the editor pajaronian
We celebrate National Health Center Week (NHCW) by honoring the amazing people who create lasting oral health for those most disadvantaged.  In Santa Cruz County, only one in three of our low-income neighbors with Medi-Cal can access the dentist. As the largest dental provider in...

Guest View: Flooding lessons have not been learned

letters to the editor
How quickly we forget. Recent activity centers around the levee system on the Pajaro River. Yet, the first flooding in 2023 was in Watsonville, when the Salsipuedes and Corralitos Creeks overflowed. There are lessons from that flooding that need to be applied to those...

Letters to the Editor, Aug. 10, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Support Cabrillo’s name change I am a Cabrillo College student in support of the name change. Plenty of places have changed their names. Dixie State University is now Utah State University. Robert Lee High School is now John Lewis High School. The more we know,...

Letter: Pajaro’s plight

letter to the editor pajaronian
It is unfortunate that the good people involved with Pajaro’s recovery, have not focused on retail development in the town itself. Yes, housing is paramount, however without jobs to boost the economy, it will stay depressed.  Employment is a major issue as Pajaro recovers and...

Guest View: Transportation gap widens

letter to the editor pajaronian
It is widely accepted that our dependency on automobiles is a potent contributor to the climate crisis. What is not so well understood is how auto dependency initiated a new phenomenon: transportation poverty.  Prior to the automobile revolution, walking was how both rich and poor...

Supervisor’s Update: Embracing progress and community

santa cruz county supervisor felipe hernandez
As July unfolds, District 4 is bustling with activity, showcasing multiple ongoing projects, both within city limits and the unincorporated. From road clearing and road resurfacing to infrastructure improvements and community initiatives, District 4 is experiencing positive transformations. Amidst the activity, we strive to...

Letter: Cabrillo’s costly name change

letter to the editor pajaronian
Sandy Lydon’s recent articles on the Cabrillo College name change were informative and represented the voice of a majority of Santa Cruz County residents.  The Trustees mean well, but wow, $400,000 to $600,000 to change Cabrillo’s name when they have only raised $2,500 at this...

Ask Nicole: Simple summertime ideas

letters to the editor
When I was a child, Summer. Lasted. For. Ever. I remember long days that usually began with picking beans and then weeds in the hot sun, followed by endless hours of playing (and bickering) with my siblings in the hot sun. By the end...

Letter: Gratitude for C&N Tractors

letter to the editor pajaronian
C&N Tractors on Salinas Road just finished repairing my Kubota tractor in February when the levee burst. Suddenly it was under six feet of water. After the mud and flood receded, the tractor needed serious help.  I want to express my gratitude to Nigel Mallison,...

Guest View: Strengthening Native American Studies is as important as renaming Cabrillo College

letter to the editor pajaronian
I attended the first community forum for renaming the Cabrillo College at its Aptos Campus on June 14. I was probably the only one of Asian descent among about 60 participants.  Five potential new names were presented to us. They were Aptos College, Seacliff College,...

Mariners remain determined during rebuilding year | SCCAL girls volleyball 

Aptos High girls volleyball team is making huge steps forward in the ultra-competitive Santa Cruz Coast Athletic League after finding success in what is...