WATSONVILLE—The Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees on Wednesday voted unanimously to appoint a member to fill the seat vacated when Maria Orozco joined the Watsonville City Council.

The Board could have also filled the Trustee Area 6 seat in a special election, but rejected that option because the next available date in March falls outside the 130-day window from the vacancy.

Bringing it to voters in the November election, the Board reasoned, would leave Orozco’s Trustee Area 6 seat vacant for nine months.

“My personal opinion is that we should let the people speak,” Trustee Oscar Soto said. “We shouldn’t be the governing body to make that decision. But in light of the situation and the time frame, that is a long time to stretch this out.”

The Trustees also cited the $80,000 it would cost to hold a special election.

“There are so many things that we could do with $80,000,” Board President Jennifer Holm said. 

Holm pointed out that the voters who live in Trustee Area 6 can challenge the board’s choice if they are dissatisfied. 

“Democratic principles are still preserved while still being mindful of how we are using district resources,” she said.

The appointed Trustee will finish Orozco’s term, which ends in 2024.

In making the decision, the Board also formed a subcommittee made up of Holm and Trustees Georgia Acosta and Olivia Flores, which will review applications from prospective members.

Applicants must be 18 or older, live in Trustee Area 6 and be a registered voter. Application packets are available at the District headquarters at 294 Green Valley Road. They must be submitted there by Feb. 6 at 5pm.

The Board will review the applications and make an appointment at the District headquarters on Saturday, Feb. 11 at 10am. The meeting will be open to the public.

PVUSD Superintendent Michelle Rodriguez will hold an informational session for interested applicants during the week of Jan. 30.

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  1. here is the chance for all you right wing haters of public education the opportunity to get on the board. good luck with that. i expect your extremist views will expose you and your request will be turned down. i would like that those who have a SINCERE interest in public education apply. every seat represents a district , and it must be filled.

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  2. Steven,
    Your comment was very very disappointing. These seats should be filled with individuals who have the best interest of the students in mind. Your comment seems very racist and politically threatening. The last line of your comment is much more germaine to the subject at hand.
    Terms like “right wing haters” extremist views are uncalled for and you should considering editing your post to be more friendly and welcoming to all
    WPW could consider this wording as insighting violence and controversy. Stop the hate Steven

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    • WPD chief Jorge Zamora is a good friend. he told me : “Steve, I love it when you address the city council”.
      i have had ONLY good interactions with both the Watsonville PD and FD . so your comment is so out of the realm of reality, it is just pure envy and jealousy on your part. you clearly have low self esteem. despite you stupid comment, my self esteem is just fine, thank youl
      you really need therapy, as most internet trolls do. go get some.

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    • if you want to stop hate, STOP posting lies about me . that would do nicely. stop making up lies about me and others. you are not only a LIAR, a FRAUD and a right wing wackadoodle, your knowledge of local government is ZERO.

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