AROMAS—Two people died in a multi-vehicle crash Sunday after a tree crashed onto a car on Highway 101 in Aromas.

California Highway Patrol Public Information Officer Alfredo Uribe said a Toyota Prius, with two Watsonville women aboard, was traveling south on Highway 101 near Cannon Road at 3:25am.

During a heavy rain shower, a towering eucalyptus tree suddenly toppled to the pavement, crushing the Prius and injuring both occupants.

Moments later an Arizona man driving a GMC Sierra slammed into the tree that had been left suspended several feet above the ground. The windshield of the GMC was smashed in upon impact killing the driver, Uribe said. Then a woman, driving a BMW sedan with a female and male passenger—all of Gonzales—struck the tree as well, killing the man seated in the front seat.

Uribe said the initial investigation did not reveal that alcohol or drugs played a role in the incident, which is still under investigation.

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  1. eucalyptus trees were brought here fron Australia in the 19th century, and were planted in many spots on the central coast. while graceful and beautiful, they are treacherous. they are a non native species that the state of CA should remove and replace with native trees.

    • Great idea stevetrujillo – why don’t you make it your pet project and make it happen? Put all that energy into an action plan and turn your idea into a reality. Get busy and get to work. You seem to have plenty of time on your hands.


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