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Cabrillo Gallery opens first exhibit of 2023

“Torch” by Stephanie Robison and “SC #58” by Jonathan Parker are part of Cabrillo Gallery's latest exhibit, “Dialogues,” which opened Monday.

APTOS—Cabrillo College’s gallery in Aptos has opened its first exhibition of the year, “Dialogues,” featuring abstract artwork by Jonathan Parker and Stephanie Robison.

Parker’s paintings are composed of shapes cut from painted or colored fabrics sewn together. Robison combines carved stone with soft, needle-felted wool. The show explores the relationship between their work–how two different people, working in very different materials and disciplines, can make art that has much in common.

“When exploring ideas for this exhibition, I wanted to find two artists whose art would work well together,” said gallery director and curator Beverly Rayner. “I have admired the work of both artists for years and had each of them on my radar for future exhibitions.”

Rayner said there were obvious correlations in Parker and Robison’s work from the beginning. But there was even more to discover once she dug deeper. 

“When I started selecting individual artworks, I was awestruck and delighted by how uncannily related their visual languages are,” she said. “From that point on, I started matching works up in pairs that had elements that really echoed each other and started visual conversations.”

“Dialogues” opened Jan. 30 and will run through March 3. A free Artist’s Reception will be held Feb. 11 at 2pm. Parker and Robison will be speaking about their work at 3pm. 

“Part of what felt good about exhibiting the work of these artists right now is that it is abstract and playful,” Rayner said, “since I think we can all use a break from the craziness, stress and negativity we are facing in the world. I think that the unusual approaches to materials seen in this exhibition can be an inspiration to students to think outside the box in terms of how they might use materials in unconventional ways.”

Cabrillo Gallery is located at 6500 Soquel Drive in Aptos, in the Library building (room #1002). Masks are required for entry. Hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-4pm, with extended hours Wednesday and Thursday, 6-8pm. Admission is free and the gallery is accessible to all. Parking is available on public streets and is free in the A/B lot during the reception only.

“This work has physical qualities that can only be fully appreciated in person, so I strongly encourage people to come in and take it all in up close,” Rayner said.

For information and updates on current and future exhibitions, visit cabrillo.edu/cabrillo-gallery or follow the gallery on Facebook and Instagram.