A California Highway Patrol SUV rolls along Holohan Road in Watsonville. —Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—As people venture out for the Christmas holiday, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) is preparing for a busy travel weekend in Santa Cruz  County.  

The CHP will kick off a Maximum Enforcement Period (MEP) beginning at 6:01pm today and will continue through 11:59pm Monday.  

During the MEP, CHP officers will assist and educate motorists and enforce traffic safety laws while keeping an eye out for unsafe driving, including impaired or distracted driving, unsafe speed, and people not wearing their seatbelts.  

The Christmas holiday is one of the busiest travel times of the year, The CHP said. For that reason, extra care is warranted, thus, all available CHP officers will be monitoring area roads.

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  1. the mega morons who justify drinking and driving are just that : MEGA MORONS !
    the Scandinavian nations of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Norway take the right to drive away for FIVE years after the first DUI conviction. if there is a second, the drunk driver loses the right to drive FOR LIFE !!!
    that is what needs to happen in CA. are you listening, Luis Alejo?

  2. if you have to get drunk to enjoy Christmas, you have a serious emotional problem. if you get drunk , STAY HOME. do not drive. we do not want you on the streets.

  3. we need sober people driving on our streets. we do not need drunks endangering people’s lives. wanna drink? stay home. if you have to drink heavily to enjoy a holiday, YOU have a drinking problem. you need to get help.

  4. want to see how you look when you get arrested for a DUI? watch COPS or ON PATROL LIVE or JAIL on the REELS network. more stupid, pathetic people you have never seen.

  5. another article in this week’s Pajaronian addresses the rising need of mental health care. If you feel the urge to drink until you are comatose or don’t remember anything of the previous 3 hours, YOU need mental health care. you are NOT well.

  6. Steve calls us “haters” I don’t hate anyone and never have. I am a Christian. Steve if you read this (which he never will be cause he blocks everyone) I do not hate you, LBGT, or gay men. I just dislike you because you are an ignorant person who claims to know everything about everybody and feels compelled to comment on everything.

    The city residents and voters are reading these comments.


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