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I was absolutely shocked to read that the Watsonville Parks and Recreation Commission recommended the removal of the George Washington bust from the City Plaza. George Washington was the first president of the United States. He made many personal and financial sacrifices, as well as putting his life at risk, to fight in the Revolutionary War to gain our freedom from England. Because of George Washington and his fellow patriots, who fought and died for us, we have the country we have today.

City staff asked for feedback and did extensive outreach to the community during a one month survey in which 60% of the 1,200 responses stated they wanted the bust to stay in the Plaza.  The Commissioners took it upon themselves to go with their “personal” views, saying “they did not believe the survey represented the community’s views.” How arrogant can you get?  Commissioners are appointed with the expectation that they will represent the community, not their personal views. If they are unable to accept the results of a City-sponsored survey, they should not be on the Parks and Recreation Commission. They are a disgrace to their position.

If the City wanted to rename or remove anything, it should be the disgusting signage on a section of Highway 129 that goes through Watsonville naming it: Oscar Rios Highway. Oscar Rios had to resign from the City Council in disgrace for being accused of and acknowledged as a sexual predator to women who worked for him and with him during and after the Watsonville Cannery Strike. It is an insult to every woman in Watsonville who has to drive by the signage. Take it down.

Judy Doering Nielsen & Betty Bobeda, Former Watsonville Mayors

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