Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian BUSY Thousands of vehicles pass through the intersection at Holohan Road and East Lake Avenue every day.

Work continues on roadway and signal improvements at the intersection of Holohan Road and East Lake Avenue (Hwy 152).

The job is part of a $4.3 million project that will rearrange the heavily traveled intersection, including  a left-turn lane and a merge lane from Holohan Road onto East Lake Avenue, extend the existing right turn lane from Holohan onto East Lake and make improvements to bike and pedestrian corridors, said Tiffany Martinez, Departmental Communications Officer for the Santa Cruz County Community Development and Infrastructure.

Also included is an additional crosswalk in all four directions and several new sidewalks. 

Holohan Road from Green Valley Road to East Lake Avenue will also be resurfaced. Several utility poles, power  and communication lines have already been relocated.

The project is expected to last through July, Martinez said. 

Officials say the work will improve safety and traffic flow at the busy intersection.

Meanwhile, work is also moving forward in the same area on the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency’s College Lake Integrated Resource Management Project. Heavy equipment, construction, and traffic control continue from Holohan Road, College Road, Lakeview Road, Riverside Drive west under Highway 1 and beyond.

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  1. Please someone at a news gathering source, look into this. I’ve talked to the County guy, still no correction. The speed limit signs are all screwed up in all directions near that intersection. The ENTIRE area is 25 mph. They have signs for 35 all over the place, 25 signs in direct eyeline view of another 35 sign. They won’t care until someone gets in a collision and sues everyone involved. THEY KNOW of this problem.

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