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September 25, 2023

Heavy weather tramples county

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Heavy rain and winds have led to numerous mud and rock slides, toppled trees and flooding around the county. Power and communication lines have also been torn to the ground with dozens of road closures being reported.

The National Weather Service said heavy rain and strong winds will pound the central Coast and much of California Saturday and into Sunday. A slight break comes Sunday with some patchy sunlight mixed with light showers.

More strong rain is being predicted for Monday through Wednesday.

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  1. whether you like it or not, global climate change is REAL. science is REAL. it is based on facts. to help:
    1. dump your gas powered SUV and buy electric. both the state and the city can help.
    2. recycle all your old gas powered leaf blowers, snow blowers and other outdoor gas powered equipment. that goes for motorcycles as well. go electric or fuel cell.
    3. stop using wood in your fireplaces.
    4. no coal burning portable BBQ’s. they cause death if used indoors and terrible burns. and they release HUGE amounts of CO2.
    5. do not burn paper in your fireplace; save it for your blue recycle bin.
    6. take your bottles and can to R and S metals ( no, i have no financial interest in their operation, but i admire their service).
    7. stop using so much plastic. ask for non plastic containers at supermarkets and drive throughs.
    8. get a bike and use it.
    9. use public transit, in better weather, more often. . worried about your safety? carry pepper spray and know how to use it safely. I do, and I am an elected official.
    10. use cold water for your wash in the washer. use less energy. save hot water for badly soiled or feces -filled clothing
    11. residents need to consider getting a tree for their yard. contact Watsonviillewetalndswatch.org to find out tree selection and availability. trees sequester CO2 and bring O2 to our city. they also cool the temperature and provide bird habitat ( we live in the Pajaro valley; Pajaro means “bird” in Spanish). contrary to the idiot football player Herschel Walker, we DO NOT have enough trees anywhere in the USA. we need to plant millions more to counter global warming.
    in general, be SMART. don’t think like a RETHUGLICAN. if we allowed their policies to dominate us, we should have already started looking for PLANET B.
    HELL NO!!!!!!

    • I have no problem burning wood for our home heating.
      I spend dozens of days clearing and trimming our acreage every year to keep the fire risks to the neighborhhood low.
      Lots of time, effort and money.
      Either I burn in in a controlled manner in a fireplace (with a catalytic converter/low pollution) or sooner or later the neighborhhood will burn down in an uncontrolled manner (hazardous pollution) as happen in the CZU fire…
      93% of all CO2 released into the environment annually is from natural decay of plant/bio matter world wide. Regardless if it is burned or decays otherwise (science).

      • i am glad you are aware of the problem. the bottom line is: WE MUST PRODUCE LESS CO2 . we cannot stop exhaling, farting or other natural functions of humans or animals, so that means changes in technology. and we need to implement them NOW.

      • I just received a message from a good friend in Pakistan he disagrees with ST. He mentioned that they are burning coal to cook with and fueling their 1900 era water pumps with used motor oil. Water buffalo is still the first choice for farming. This is the norm for most of the world outside entitled California. His tricycle is still powered by a 2 cycle engine. Until the rest of the world moves one step toward creating less CO2 the point is moot. Why should we pay the price for the rest of the world. Where is Al Gore and John Kerry what have they accomplished?


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