A nine-hour standoff with a barricaded gunman in Salinas ended Wednesday with the gunman being fatally shot after he reportedly shot a Monterey County Sheriff’s deputy. 

Monterey County District Attorney Jeannine M. Pacioni announced Thursday that Sheriff’s Deputy Jesse Grant went to 29 Sun St., Apt. 201 in Salinas at 7:49am to serve a court authorized eviction notice on Erin Howard Fischer, 67. 

When Fischer did not answer the door, at 7:56am Grant requested non-emergency backup. Two additional deputies arrived and at 8:46am, Fischer reportedly opened fire and struck Grant twice. Fischer continued to shoot at deputies who took cover. 

A shelter in place order was issued at 9:17am, and numerous roads were closed down surrounding the scene. Fischer, who was heavily armed, remained barricaded in his apartment, Pacioni said. He continued firing at responding officers from his upstairs apartment during the standoff. 

Salinas Police and multiple agencies from Monterey and Santa Cruz counties responded, including CHP and the FBI. Watsonville Police and the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s SWAT team also responded.

Police returned fire throughout the ordeal, where, according to Pacioni, Fischer shot down seven drones. 

Around 5:33pm, an officer shot Fischer in the head, killing him. 

That’s when police learned that Fischer wore camouflaged military apparel and had loaded magazines, a helmet, and a gas mask, Pacioni said. He reportedly held an AK-47 assault rifle when he was killed.

He also reportedly had three semi-automatic assault rifles, two bolt action rifles and two handguns in his apartment.

Around 18 officers discharged their firearms.

Authorities issued a widespread shelter-in-place order and closed several roads in the area. Those precautionary orders were lifted around 8pm.

Grant is expected to survive.

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