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We went to see the current situation of the Murphy Crossing Bridge area on Jan. 21 after we learned that there was a possibility of flooding in that area the next morning. 

We measured the height between the bottom of the river and the bottom of the bridge. It was about six feet on the Monterey County side. It was three feet and five inches last April. The height has almost doubled! It means that our efforts of helping the flow of the water in the river on the Monterey side has been paid off. 

The water herself has created this change. It also means that the capacity of the volume of the water flowing near the bridge in the river has increased. On the other hand, the flow of the water near the bridge on the Santa Cruz side has been almost stopped due to the sand debris and plants. We understand that the border line between Monterey County and Santa Cruz County is in the middle of the river, which is strange, and that the road and the bridge are under the jurisdictions of both counties. We also understand that this area is not under the jurisdiction of the City of Watsonville. But we need the support of Watsonville. 

We also understand that there are private lands near the bridge and the river banks. It is hard for family farms to care for this area because there are so many rules and regulations to care for this area. 

The current situation near the bridge on the Santa Cruz County side has been terrible due to the neglect of the care for a long time. We urge Santa Cruz County to assess the situation promptly and take necessary measures.

Takashi Mizuno


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