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It is unfortunate that the good people involved with Pajaro’s recovery, have not focused on retail development in the town itself. Yes, housing is paramount, however without jobs to boost the economy, it will stay depressed. 

Employment is a major issue as Pajaro recovers and in my opinion, development needs to occur. For example, retail in the form of a modern grocery store, such as Lucky, Safeway, etc. would provide jobs. Envision a small shopping center located on San Juan Road or Salinas Road.  

A warehouse or similar facility would also be great. Locate it near the Watsonville Junction rail yard and ergo, a ready made place to ship commodities. Plans are in the works to provide passenger rail service in Pajaro. Development could enhance this entity.  

I think it is feasible and I hope the local developers weigh in on these ideas.    

Gary V. Plomp


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