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The PVUSD Board of Trustees was wise to move to make an appointment to fill the vacant Area 6 seat on the Board. Special elections often have terrible turnout and in this case would be a waste of $80,000. 

As a parent of PVUSD students, I am deeply troubled to see a shortage of full-time teachers at our schools. This sends a bad message to our students and our community. Teacher pay must be raised so that good teachers will stay and not leave for better paying districts. 

That’s why I support Adam Bolaños Scow to fill the Area 6 seat. Adam is known for his environmental advocacy, but he is also a great violinist and music teacher, working with local students daily. Our community and the PVUSD Board needs a strong advocate and I hope the PVUSD Board appoints him. 

Eduardo Montesino 

Concerned parent 

Mayor of Watsonville

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  1. yes, a special election for one seat on a board cam wat until the next general election. this is what your community college is doing with the vacancy left in district 5.

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    • Cabrillo College board is a disgrace. They voted to change Cabrillo’s name even though local residents don’t want the change. Cabrillo board is on an ego drive and Stevie T is one of the worst. He can’t even write or punctuate his comments like an educated person would. He claims he’s written a book that no one can find and it’s not in the library of congress. He lies like Santos the US lying rep from NY.

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  2. I don’t think it matters which one of the four candidates is appointed, the students are doomed! I am honestly surprised the students have not had drag shows at school yet. Nurse Ratched and her minions will continue to destroy the local educational system. It’s so sad.

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