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Letter to the Editor, April 5: Look at both sides of rail issue

Look at both sides of rail issue

To the Editor,

I recently was able to drive through L.A. County in less time than it took me to go from UCSC to Aptos. Daily, our community members are stuck in this traffic quagmire, wasting potential work and family time while spewing toxins into the air.

Greenway, an organization funded largely by real estate and agriculture magnates, proposes that we convert existing train tracks into “a scenic bike and pedestrian pathway” with no future rail transit. The volunteer, 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, Friends of the Rail & Trail and the Sierra Club, are also proposing a bike and pedestrian pathway, but combined with the future potential for a light-weight “whisper-quiet” commuter train.

We ask readers to inform themselves by looking at both sides thoroughly, and, especially if you are one of the people affected by traffic, make your voice heard! Talk to friends, neighbors, media and your county supervisors.

William Clark



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