Let’s pay our teachers

To the Editor,

Our teachers are underpaid. Their total compensation is greater than two-thirds of their peers. They have a health plan 234 percent greater than their peers; leaving the District with less money for operating the District.

The union, PVFT, wants to spend $58 million of reserves for salaries. The Board has promised to use that for specific programs that will help our students.

There is an impasse. There will be no bonuses for the teachers. The fact finding will favor the District’s position and our teachers will be left in the lurch.

PVFT should bargain to reduce the health plan to the State average for a 10-12 percent raise. They should accept the health plan savings suggested in September for an additional 1.5 percent raise. They should work with Sacramento to use a funding plan that is adjusted for the cost of living.

Let’s pay our teachers.

Bill Beecher


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