Here’s my concern folks

Forty percent of our fellow citizens:

  1. believe lying is OK (over 13,000 and counting)

2. believe one needn’t pay one’s bills (contractors and city police that protect presidential rallies)

3. believe stealing from the government is OK (emoluments clause)

4. believe that UC No. 1 (unindicted co-conspirator #1) has “the best brain”

5. believe that desperate immigrants are a major threat to our country

6. believe that many countries are “shitholes’

7. believe that “white” people are a superior race

8. do not believe in science (Climate Catastrophe)

UC No. 1 is destroying our democracy and our American culture of tolerance, integrity and compassion.

If UC No. 1 loses, what will our neighbors do?

He and Fox are already threatening violence. My fear is that the 30-year-old boys in the basement polishing their AK47s will be activated…

Don Eggleston, Aptos


Fix the roads

Beach Street heading out to Pajaro Dunes through the strawberry fields is in terrible condition. It is an extremely rough, bumpy, and dangerous ride.

A very narrow street to begin with, that section of Beach Street is full of potholes and poorly patched sections. It is a terrible drive for the daily stream of cars that include farmworkers, agricultural vehicles, Pajaro Dunes residents, and Watsonville beachgoers.  

That section of Beach Street badly needs a complete repaving, not more inadequate patchwork. Only one short section towards the western end is smooth enough to be pleasantly drivable.  There is certainly more than enough traffic on Beach Street to warrant its repaving.

Whether this is a city or county issue, the repaving should be done this winter, long before the throng of summer beachgoers descends.  The current condition of the road is an absolute disgrace and a hazard to anyone who drives it.

Tom Tyner, Clovis


Thank you, Judge Ari Symons

As a retired lawyer who practiced for 35 years, I was very sorry to learn of Judge Ari Symons’ recent decision not to seek re-election to the Santa Cruz Superior Court.  Both as a Prosecutor and as a Superior Court Judge, she has served this county well, and she will be missed.

Sara Clarenbach, Aptos


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