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Letters to the Editor, April 7: Will we ever see equality in wages?

Will we ever see equality in wages?

To the Editor,

The April 2 article by Bay Area News Group reporter Emily DeRuy, “How much less does UC pay female and black service workers than male and white workers?,” touched on the matter of discrepancy on wages affects all people of color. Parents of children in our own community are being affected at their jobs from wage differences. Children are growing up witnessing these inequalities. People of color work many years to get an increase while whites enter new jobs earning the same or more.

Like the board of directors for the Council of UC Faculty Association said in this article, “The UC has the potential to be an engine of equality for California and the nation.” I question myself, “will we ever see equality in wages for people of color versus white?”

Selena Villanueva

MSW Student, San José State University



Responsibility falls on adults

To the Editor,

I have not seen a finger pointed at parents or guardians of the young who have guns. They, not the teachers, will be in position of knowing what a youngster has. These adults have the responsibility of controlling the lives and actions of a child. If they cannot do it, such as take guns away, they should contact police to do the necessary.

No one, at any age, needs a person-killing gun. Teachers don’t need guns but they can appeal to parents to look for guns and ammunition where a child might try to hide it.

Trump and others should stress where the responsibility lies rather than him shooting from the hip without proper thought.

Ray Gardner



Highway sign still honoring disgraced councilmember

To the Editor,

Since Oscar Rios left the city council in disgrace, why is the highway sign on Riverside Drive still honoring him?

G. Garcia

Royal Oaks


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