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Hats off to the multitude of volunteers that have pulled off the Holiday Lights display at our Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds. My understanding is that with the state’s intervention in the leadership at the fairgrounds, staff hours were cut from 48 hours to just six to assist in setting up all the displays. 

What started out as something to help ease the isolation of Covid in 2020 has only evolved into something more grand. Each year more displays are added which makes the experience even more enjoyable. This has become an annual event we drive through with friends. 

Our fairgrounds needs us more now than ever…if we are going to continue to have a location to host the county fair and so many other events on this property we must support events like this. There are two more weekends to enjoy this year’s event. 

I want to say thank you and let’s honor the community and family members who donated so much of their time to make a wonderful display for all of us to enjoy.

Gary Peixoto, Watsonville

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