The road to tax reform — the rich get richer 

To the Editor,

In summary, somehow Trump became president and the wealthy top 1 percent became even wealthier at the expense of the remaining 99 percent — the “losers.” This continues to accelerate the minimum wage devaluation where what used to be a 10 times wage disparity, now approaches 1,000 times. While some can argue that they are worthy, the new norm seems to be that sports figures and celebrities and even those who can deceive others that they are better than everyone else, need to further distance themselves from all the commoners.

A perspective that money is all that matters, is what is trickling down from the top, rather than a balance with a need for humanity and where anyone at anytime (regardless of the work ethic) could face undeserved hardships. Why is this continuing to be tolerated? Why aren’t more speaking up and voting against those who put up an honorable facade, yet continue to only serve themselves?

Bob Fifield



The pain is real

To the Editor,

This tragedy could have been avoided. Jennie Gervasio’s children, grandchildren, mother, siblings and friends would be celebrating the holidays with her, but instead they are left to visit her grave. Please do something about it and make the streets safer for pedestrians.

Anna Alderete


Lump of coal for Christmas

To the Editor,

I wonder what Dr. Rodriguez and the PVUSD Board of Trustees will be placing in the stockings of the members of the teachers union. A walk down memory lane reminds me of the “Christmas Carol” and Ebenezer Scrooge, who refused to give even a single lump of coal to Bob Cratchit, who was freezing in his office. Will the warm air pumping onto our classrooms be turned off these last two days? That lump of coal I am predicting will end up in my Christmas stocking will be useless as I don’t have a fireplace or a barbecue pit to warm myself in these chilling temperatures.

Why so harsh? Well, let’s remind ourselves of the $29,000 bonus Dr. Rodriguez received despite the board and all the bean counters (accountants) in the business division repeating the inaccurate refrain that the district is continuously deficit spending. Not a single board member spoke up in opposition to this raise with this argument. When Dr. Rodriguez asked for a $140,000 public relations staff member, I didn’t hear about the lack of money either. As more support staff are hired at the Towers district office, teachers like myself wonder, “How is this improving literacy or helping teachers do their job?” The callous treatment we have received is a direct result of our contract campaign.

A measly two percent offer paid by our own sacrifices and increased spending on our medical benefits is worth less than a lump of coal. With that lump of coal, we can start a fire and burn all of those district assessments we don’t have time to complete within our contract day. An assistant principal at WHS was naïve enough to send my work group an email telling us that we didn’t complete the science assessments. I will put our union contract in his Christmas stocking.

Our unity is our strength and together we will be victorious. See you at the next board meeting union brothers and sisters! Keep up the fight for fairness and educational justice!

Abel Mejia


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