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September 25, 2023

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 9

Grateful for opportunity to run for PVUSD board

With sincere appreciation to my community, CSEA, KSCO and all that supported my candidacy. I would also like to acknowledge the remarkable and tireless support team that unexpectedly pitched-in with help and guidance. Your generous contributions, personal time and belief in a well-needed change was demonstrated by your commitment. 

It is noteworthy receiving 35%-plus of voter support and sends a strong message. For many students,parents and teachers, a significant concern is the lack of classroom teachers, a strive for excellence and academic rigors, as well as safety of our students at school. Concerns included some programs to the curriculum that are not core subjects, programs that will continue to dilute a solid education and will not prepare students to successfully enter the world as adults. 

The board has a responsibility to listen to the concerns and issues of the 35%-plus voters and develop viable solutions together. I urge parents and voters to attend the monthly school board meetings, hear the issues and questions from employees, parents and students. You can attend by Zoom or in person to understand what is planned for PVUSD, and make your voice heard. 

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to run for a seat on PVUSD Board of Trustees. 

Natalain Schwartz, Watsonville

Support Ceiba’s permit

I am in support of the continuation of Ceiba College Preparatory Academy in the current location on Locust Street. I recently learned from my friend whose daughter has been studying at Ceiba that there would be a possibility of closing Ceiba next academic year. A couple of days later I was at the Watsonville City Council meeting. A woman expressed her concerns about Ceiba. I had a chance to talk with her after the meeting. She said that she was not against Ceiba but she was concerned about the safety of the students due to the closeness of the school to Highway 129. 

I had never known about Ceiba previously, so I decided to go and see the safety issues with my own eyes. I saw a driveway in front of and around the school building. I also saw that several staff members managed parents’ cars, though several parents parked their cars on the side of Highway 129. I learned that 40% of the current 520 students come to the school on foot. I also had a chance to talk with Mr. Josh Ripp, the principal, and Mr. Mike Rich, Director of Technology. I learned from them that the vote by the City Council to determine whether to give Ceiba a permanent permit has been delayed until early next year. They told me that they looked into many other locations to move to, but other locations were not suitable for one reason or another and that the current location is the best for the students. 

Finally, the information below is very meaningful for me as a community member to make up my mind to support Ceiba’s permanent permit. 

According to Ceiba’s website:

• 86% of Ceiba students are economically disadvantaged.

• 95% of Ceiba students are of Hispanic or Latino origin.

• 35% of Ceiba students are English learners.

• Nearly all of Ceiba’s students will be the first in their family to go to college and many will be the first in their family to graduate high school.

All the students, their parents, administrators, teachers and staff have been put out on a limb for the past several months. I think that it is time for the new City Council to give Ceiba a permanent permit in the current location on Locust Street. 

Takashi Mizuno, Watsonville


  1. Why not close all charter schools, make students go to regular schools and give these schools all the money wasted on charter schools. I don’t believe in a two tier system that robs money from regular schools.


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