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December 5, 2023

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 23: Build a wall that attracts

Build a wall that attracts

To the Editor,

Alongside a Jan. 20 article (Associated Press/San Francisco Chronicle) there was a photograph of the Donald Trump border wall prototypes. The prototypes of the proposed “big beautiful wall” that President Trump ran his campaign on, are the dullest, grimmest, ugliest, unaesthetic things I have ever seen. Trump, whose early career was all about the importance of gold bathroom fixtures, does not seem to have the same attitude about his wall, which, if it is built like the prototypes, will not be beautiful at all.

If our nation wants to, indeed, “be great again,” shouldn’t our wall, keeping the undersirables out, be the best, the greatest, and above all, beautiful?

I propose, if a wall is going to be built, that it be an attraction, a magnet for people with cafes and restaurants. The wall should be a work of art with intricate design dealing with both Mexican and United States cultures. The wall should be seen as the place where the United States is, and where a visitor could enter it — to visit and enjoy.

This “beautiful wall” should be built in areas along the border where it would be natural to put a wall. Logical and common sense areas. Most importantly the wall should signify that you have reached the United States. It should be welcoming, diplomatic to the core. The wall will not stop you from entering the United States. It will remind you, with dignity and majesty that you are. It will leave you with hope that your stay in the United States will be memorable and fruitful.

This is what kind of wall I would advise President Trump to advance, not the grim prototypes being proposed.

Charles Birimisa



Use common sense when crossing the street

To the Editor,

It’s great that the council has adopted a Vision Zero initiative to end traffic deaths. It certainly is difficult being a driver in Watsonville and most of California cities since there are an abundance of pedestrians.

But how about we change back to the olden days? What about teaching pedestrians from a young age to use pedestrian crosswalks, yield to the red hand on the signal and look both ways before stepping off the curb? Nobody even hesitates before walking into the street and many times it’s a stroller that’s in the street first.

Mr. Rios’ comments about bright colors make a lot of sense. Let’s go even a step further and advise people to not wear sweatshirts with their hoods up so that you cannot even see a face. I realize the pedestrian has the right of way but cars and trucks (especially the large semi-trucks) cannot stop on a dime, and when somebody steps right out in front of you, I hate to say it, but the pedestrian is not going to win. There are two victims, the pedestrian and the driver. Let’s teach pedestrians common sense to look both ways before stepping into the street. 

Jo Ann Vear



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