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December 5, 2023

Letters to the Editor, Jan. 27: Spend local, support our businesses

Spend local, support our businesses

To the Editor,

I have received some material for candidates that are running for County Supervisor and City Council. It is wonderful we have so many running, however, what is wrong is that the candidates ask local residents to support them, but they spend money out of the county for signs, mailers and other things. They talk about buying local, stay local and so on. Why don’t they all spend the money they receive from our community in our community?

I look at votescount.com, it shows where and how much the candidates spend. I ask all voters in our community to vote for candidates that support our businesses, giving the sales tax to our county and city, not over the hill. I will be looking daily to see who is spending funds in our community and who is buying over the hill.

Candidates, please spend our community funds local.

Bill Neighbors



Is he fit for office?

To the Editor,

Our roads, highways, bridges and other infrastructure are crumbling and other national agencies and situations are in dire need of attention, yet the occupant of the Oval Office is not concerned about any of that as his narrow focus is on a border wall (a monument for himself?). Do we really need any further evidence of his lunacy?

Thomas Stumbaugh



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