Need trustworthy local leadership

To the Editor,

When our national leadership is unreliable and truth in politics a rarity, it is more important than ever to have trustworthy local leadership. Unfortunately, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District’s negotiations team is skirting, evading and ignoring the truth. 

Budget changes for this school year have followed a seven-year pattern of grossly overestimated operating deficits. So far, the district has reduced their projected deficit by $14.5 million, confirming what our Chief Negotiator, Jack Carroll, predicted in September. This has happened year after year, while the district threatens to cap health benefits and forego raises for teachers and other personnel (other than administration). Currently the district has more than $53 million in their ending fund balance. They are projected to have more than $42 million next year.

Tell the truth, PVUSD. You just really don’t see your employees worthy of a living wage — a wage that allows us to live in one of the highest cost areas in the country.

Eileen Clark-Nagaoka



Acts of terror

To the Editor,

The only way these bombings and shootings are going to stop is to stop broadcasting them. When the first TV was turned on the First Amendment should have been taken off the books. It’s not for this day and age. We are doing exactly what ISIS wants us to do.

Obama in 2013 said he was going to take Assad’s chemicals. He backed off, afraid of starting WWIII. That did not stop Trump and he was right in saying. W. Bush should have never invaded Iraq. I wrote a letter to W. Bush and told him how to take out Saddam without invading. I guess he never got my letter.

I thought Clinton was a decent president. Had us in the black. I’m sure if he were asked to do it a third term he would have accepted, maybe even a fourth. The stupid second term and you are out, got him now. We get gung-ho with Bush and Cheney. It breaks my heart to see these brave young men and women on TV without the right amount of arms and legs connected to their body. If I was the pilot flying with Bush on to that carrier I would have ejected him. I would have said, “oops I guess I pushed the wrong button, I thought I was lowering the landing gear.”

Anthony Ivelich


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