Hopeful with Prop. 57

To the Editor,

I thought my community might want to hear a few words from someone who has been affected by the approval of Prop. 57. As a minor, I was sent to adult court. Prop. 57 has given me a tremendous amount of hope! Thank you all!

I believe that mistakes one makes as a youth does not define your full potential and the person you’re able to become with the right guidance. I’m in my early 20s now and a totally different person than I was in my teen years.

God willing, were I to be prosecuted in juvenile court, I plan on giving back to my community in a very positive manner. Until that day comes, I’ll be here awaiting my transfer hearing and continue walking and talking the way God would.

Oscar Anaya Zamora

of Watsonville


Effort needed to restore Redman House

To the Editor,

Seeing people and government rally to the cause to save, fund and restore a deteriorating Pigeon Point Lighthouse, north of Santa Cruz is gratifying as it is a most historic and beautiful structure.

In the same vein, my thoughts turned to the historic Redman House off Beach Road in Watsonville. Both of these iconic structures are succumbing to the elements. As I have previously mentioned in my letters, this landmark has a lot of potential and restoring it to its former grandeur would be advantageous for the community. Imagine the possibilities as an anchor for a tourist and/or agriculture-related venue along Highway 1.

Sadly, the Redman House is in critical condition and hopefully corporate grants or other fundraising options can be pursued and effort put forth to restore it before it is too late!

Gary V. Plomp


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