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Dutra is the most qualified, hands down

The time has come to make the choice for our next District 4 County Supervisor.

Jimmy Dutra is the only one with an impeccable track record from his six-plus years as a city councilman and a year serving as our mayor!

Jimmy was endorsed by the Santa Cruz Sentinel Editorial Board. They wrote about his performance as a mayor and council member and his growth as a candidate that makes him the most viable candidate of the three that are running. They went on to say that Jimmy has proven to be a capable and intelligent leader and that he will bring the same qualities to the Board of Supervisors.

Jimmy has had aspirations for higher office in government since the days he was a student at Santa Clara University where he earned a B.S. Degree in Political Science. While there, he earned an internship at the White House. Later he earned a Master’s Degree in Executive Leadership from the University of Southern California.  

Jimmy will bring his experience and his boundless energy and knowledge to fight for what he knows the Pajaro Valley needs. Don’t miss the opportunity to help Jimmy win this election in June! He has earned it. Vote for Jimmy!

Connie Sauer, Watsonville

Hernandez is a proven leader

Only a few days remain to vote. Many ballots are unmarked and yet to be submitted by June 7. That’s why Wendy and I recommend Felipe Hernandez for Supervisor in South County District 4 as the most well-balanced representative.

Felipe is a proven local leader for family home construction, job creation, better transportation, education, and neighborhood public safety. Felipe is a combat veteran who supports our community mission of improving quality of life for residents in the Pajaro Valley. He does this by building bridges and positive relationships with community leaders and elected officials to deliver results.

Just look at all the community members who have endorsed him and know that he has the confidence and support of a wide range of working people and leaders across the Pajaro Valley.

Your vote for Felipe is a smart move to increase opportunities towards bettering our entire community. 

Lowell and Wendy Hurst, Watsonville

What can we expect from Dutra?

The Sentinel has endorsed Jimmy Dutra for the Fourth District County Supervisor, but their reasoning is a little off base.

In the recent candidate forum, Felipe Hernandez clearly articulated a position on the most important item facing the voters in this election (Measure D’s proposal to tear out our rail tracks), Dutra showed his lack of leadership by saying, “I’m going to wait for the voters to tell me what to do on this.” Voters should know that when Dutra had a chance to listen to those voters at a recent Watsonville City Council meeting, he chose to walk out rather than hear what they had to say. 

Is this what we can expect from Dutra if he is elected to the Board of Supervisors? Will he refuse to stay in a meeting whenever he is uncomfortable with a controversial agenda item and doesn’t want to hear from his constituents?

Gina Gallino Cole, Watsonville

Equity for Watsonville?

A no vote on Measure D means Watsonville gets neither a trail or a train. The cost of repairs for the tracks will stop all construction at Capitola leaving us with a county-funded tourist trolley from Capitola to the Boardwalk. And once again Watsonville is left with nothing.

​​—Steven Plumb, Live Oak

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