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Letters to the Editor, March 20: Trump fatigue? This may help

Trump fatigue? This may help

To the Editor,

First, a little background. I think most of us can agree that Trump lives in a distorted information bubble, at the center of which is Fox News. This bubble is only marginally related to reality and is obviously funded by the 1 percent.

The bad news is that most of the national newspapers and corporate TV (MSNBC, CBS, NBC, CNN) are also in their own distorted information bubble. These mega corporations are owned/controlled by the 1 percent and influenced by their advertisers. This is the reason that the corporate news seems confused about why Trump is still there, working for the 1 percent. 

Great as Rachel Maddow is, she is an employee of the 1 percent and therefore is paid to ignore the real problem: the bought congresspeople (Republicans and most Democrats) who take donations from huge corporations and billionaires. By the way, this also explains why Bernie Sanders (polling as the most popular politician in the country) had to give his response to Trump’s State of the Union address on the internet — corporate media wouldn’t let him on, so very few older people saw his retort.

If you really want to know what is going on, listen to independent journalists, who don’t regularly appear on corporate TV. Most of them can be found on the Internet: The Young Turks, The Intercept, Chris Hedges, Democracy Now and Jimmy Dore, for example. Problem is that most older people don’t get on the internet for news. This is where you can help. Charter (Spectrum) TV does not carry two independent news channels, Free Speech TV and Link TV. If Charter is your Internet Service Provider, call them at 888-438-2427 to request that they carry these two independent stations.

This action will not completely cure your Trump fatigue, but could assuage your feeling of helplessness.

Don Eggleston



Job shadow program a success

To the Editor,

On behalf of the Rotary Club of Watsonville, I wish to publicly acknowledge and thank the many individuals and organizations who volunteered to give their time and expertise to Watsonville High students during the March 14 annual Job Shadowing event. This is our 20th year organizing this kind of activity. Many of our Rotarians participate but we also turn to members of the community to help. This year almost half of the 90 requests were for the medical profession!    

Thank you to the community for all of the help. This includes:

• Watsonville Community Hospital

• Dr. George Bunch

• Dr. Jeff Solinas, La Placita

• Dr. Roger Bierstedt, Pajaro Valley Animal Clinic

• Dr. Sam Christensen, Redwood Dental

• Ben Tarsitano, D.D. S.

• Gil Grio, D.D. S.

• Graniterock

• Watsonville Fire Department

• Watsonville Police Department

• Santa Cruz Sheriff

• Monterey County Sheriff

• Your Future Is Our Business – Mary Gaukel, Director

• My Beauty Parlor – George Bustamante

• Allen, Allen & Caroselli LLP

• City of Watsonville – Felipe Hernandez, City Council Member

• Santa Cruz County Probation – Gina Castaneda

• Ella’s at the Airport

• Spector Architecture – Brian Spector

• UCSC Graduate Student – Karen Tanner

• SC County Social Services – Melissa Villalobos

• Pajaro Valley Prevention & Student Assistance – T. Miguel

• Corralitos Tattoo

• Willis Construction in Aromas

• Whiskey Hill Farms

• Watsonville Post-Acute Care

• Register-Pajaronian

• Faculty and Administration at Watsonville High

The community of the Pajaro Valley is mindful of how important this kind of exposure is for our young people and the Rotary Club of Watsonville members are grateful. We meet every Wednesday at 12:15 p.m. at the Elks Club. Please feel free to join us. Thank you again to the many folks in our community who helped and we’ll see you next year!

Murry Schekman

Immediate Past President

Rotary Club of Watsonville


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