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July 2, 2022

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 2

Vote for Gomez

Tony Gomez has been actively involved in supporting youth in the community of Watsonville for many years. 

  • He has volunteered his time and resources in support of the Boy Scouts of America in many capacities. He has been an adult leader for Troop 5050 for over 25 years as a Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmaster and merit badge counselor. He has been a member of the annual Skillicorn BBQ fundraising event for over 16 years. His work with the Boy Scouts has influenced the lives of hundreds of youth teaching them life skills and citizenship values.
  • He has volunteered 10 years helping at the Watsonville High School Sober Grad Night
  • He has taught many youth the basics of auto mechanics, with hands-on experience, on cars in his garage

Tony has provided outstanding qualities of leadership and positive energy to all the above-mentioned support of youth in Watsonville with enthusiasm and a positive attitude. 

Tony served his country for three years in the United States Army after graduation from Watsonville High School.

Tony Gomez is a solid citizen and team player. When he gives you his world, you know the task will be accomplished. He will listen to all options and comments on the best approach to solve a problem before deciding. He is a self-starter with an indomitable spirit who encourages and motivates others in the community to follow his examples. 

Without any reservations, I strongly endorse Tony Gomez for the Watsonville City Council, District 6.

Harry Wiggins, Watsonville

What does the right to life mean?

What exactly do right-to-lifers mean when they explain their Republican values as “I believe in right-to-life?” The right to whose life, exactly? Most of these “lifers” act sanctimonious in their declaration of being a Christian and a right-to-lifer, which pretty much stops the conversation. They act outraged, even in the fact of rape and incest, that a woman would not want to carry a pregnancy to term. Yet, the majority of the supporters of the current occupant in the White House aggressively refuse to wear a mask in public that will protect you and me from certain death and from an out of control virus because it violates their constitutional rights. A mask? Really? Shouldn’t right-to-life include me, include you, include all of us? The unborn are aggressively protected by right-to-lifer Republicans with their right-to-life motto. But once that baby is born, welcome to the real world kiddo, you’re on your own. If we could, and we can, shouldn’t we all want to protect each other from a deadly virus? Isn’t that also a right to life?  

Republicans support a President who is not Christian (I know, he says he is but that too stopped all conversation), nor is he capable, or morally interested in protecting you and me from a pandemic that has taken more than 205,000 lives. The recently dead are of no consequence to him. It’s a meaningless number to him without a dollar sign. It is what it is. He has managed to make wearing a mask a political tool, and created so much hate, confusion and division in our country and our (now) fragile democracy. Somebody explain this to me, please. Don’t I have a right to life? Shouldn’t he protect your right to life?

Pam Anderson, Watsonville

Commendation to City Council

First, I wish to offer commendation to the Watsonville City Council for voting to approve liquor sales at the forthcoming Arco mini-mart and gas station. While some have voiced their legitimate concern, I do feel that any repercussions would be minimal regarding this development.

Second, “Juggy” and Haj Tut deserve praise for having the foresight to build an upscale hotel and other associated entities in a commitment to improve Watsonville’s image and future.

Now, if only the historic Redman House could be saved, then the area’s full tourist potential could be realized.

Gary V. Plomp, Gilroy

Regarding removing Washington’s statue

Has anyone given any thought to the fact that if it had not been for General Washington and the other 18th century patriots, this country would not exist in the way it does today?

Unfortunately, at the time of the American Revolution, slavery was an accepted fact of life throughout the world. Thankfully, we had another president who did away with slavery and saved the country, albeit at a great loss of lives on both sides of the issue.

Many of us, myself included, came to this country for the opportunities it provides to all who come here who want to work to achieve an education, a career in almost any field one desires, and a measure of material success based on one’s own work ethic.

Each of us is a result of all of our family who came before us just as our country is a result of all those who came before us. We should honor that and keep George Washington’s statue in the park. We might consider putting Abraham Lincoln’s statue in the park as well.

Edita McQuary, Watsonville

Support Gomez

I am a retired school TEACHER. I have served as City Councilmember off and on for the past few decades and have seen a thing or two since I was mayor three times throughout the years. I can share with you that Tony Gomez is the candidate you want to cast your vote for in District 6.

Tony Gomez has the integrity and the desire to be your next mayor and truly knows the lay of the land when it comes to Watsonville’s political scene. 

Tony knows how to reach out and be there for the community and is not trying to climb a ladder for higher office. His reputation precedes him with all the work and volunteering he has done to make the community a better place for everyone. He has made a point of identifying areas that the City is working on such, as focusing on traffic and neighborhood safety, placement of stop signs, job creation and investing in downtown. Tony has demonstrated that he can work well with others and is a team player. 

Mr. Gomez recognizes there are still lots of issues that require collaboration with many community entities. As a result, he has the experience and skills to be our next mayor and councilmember.

Tony does not pretend or falsify who he is, but I can tell you that I have seen his dress blue military uniform, know that he has been a paid union member and who has the support of everyone I have come across.

Tony Gomez is the real McCoy. Residents of District 6 will be well served by voting for Tony Gomez for City Council. He will serve us all very well.

Lowell and Wendy Hurst, Watsonville

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