Jacob Magana and Jo Jo Keldsen each had doubles in the White Sox’s 13-0 Pajaro Valley Little League Majors win over the Rays on Thursday.

Keldsen also had two RBIs. Justin Pero hit a home run for the White Sox.

For the Rays, Zander Miller-Brown and Michael Harris each had singles.

• Giants 15, Athletics 2 – Jacob Vitela had a pair of singles and a double in the Giants’ Majors win over the Athletics on Friday.

Harrison Bechtold had a triple, while Joseph Rose hit a double.

Joel Mendoza had a double for the Athletics.

• Braves 10, Astros 4 – Nathaniel Arreola hit a home run in the Braves’ Majors win over the Astros on Saturday.

Christian Magana had two RBIs and a double, while Aidan Sabatino scored two RBIs, as well as a pair of singles and a double.

Brant Sirles scored a run and had a single for the Astros.

• Cubs 11, Athletics 0 – Miguel Orozco nailed a home run, a triple and two RBIs in the Cubs’ Majors win over the Athletics on Saturday.

For the Athletics, Joel Mendoza had a single.

• Padres 15, Rays 7 – Reece Hamalainen and Giovanni Aguirre each had a pair of doubles in the Padres’ Majors win over the Rays on Saturday.

Arath Fernandez and Benny Cuevas each had a double, and Trey Silva and Aidan Bajan each hit a pair of singles.

Hudson Cortez hit a pair of singles for the Rays.



• Orioles 16, Pirates 4 – Three Orioles pitchers — Samuel Garcia, Damian Suchil and Journey Lorenz — combined to no hit the Pirates in a AAA Minor game called after four innings due to the 10-run rule on Saturday.

For the Pirates, Jayden Cole, Mateo Torres, Karissa Navarrette and Kinan Cruz had one run each. 

• Mets 13, Red Sox 8 – Mason Borrego had a pair of singles and two RBIs and Jayden Spence had a double in the Mets’ AAA Minors win over the Red Sox.

For the Sox, Marcus Gonzales had a triple and two RBIs, while Thomas Westfall had a double.

• Yankees 15, Cardinals 9 – Nathaniel Aguilar hit an inside-the-park home run and Alex Sandoval scored three runs in the Yankees’ AAA Minors win over the Cardinals on Saturday.

Elliott Moon had a pair of singles and Valentino hit a single and a double.

Ben Miller scored three runs for the Cards.

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