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July 2, 2022

Neighbors show solidarity | About Town

Some people are placing teddy bears in their homes’ windows facing the street as a kind gesture to passersby, especially children who are out of school. The bear “scavenger hunt” is taking place all over the country.

The first full moon of the spring will entertain millions tonight and tomorrow night with what is known as a Super Pink Moon. Since the moon will be closest to Earth than any other point in the year, a mere 221,772 miles away,  it will look larger and brighter than usual. But the moon will not be pink; that’s a term attached to the full moon this time of year because many pink flowers are now starting to bloom in eastern North America, according to The moonrise will start around 7:35 p.m. tonight and Wednesday.

I rode my bike through Arana Gulch (the Green Belt) and into the Santa Cruz Harbor Monday afternoon. There was an eerie stillness to the area, few cars, a handful of people out and about. With most of the businesses closed, it added an extra dose of weirdness.

Here are a few things I’ve seen in the news regarding COVID-19:

• As of yet there is no proven treatment for coronavirus.

• Now is the time to prepare, not panic.

• In California there are now 16,232 cases and the rate of hospitalizations are slowing down.  

• Currently there are 71 cases in Santa Cruz County and 63 in Monterey County.

• Between 90-100 FEMA trailers are on the way to Monterey County to help deal with homeless people. 

Santa Cruz County officials are cracking down on people that are ignoring gathering rules after numerous complaints of people congregating, especially at area beaches. Sheriff’s deputies are now focusing on tourists showing up in the county, many from over Highway 17. The Sheriff’s Office issued 56 misdemeanor citations over the weekend to those in violation of the safe social distancing rules and the shelter-in place-order. Deputies are also educating the public about just what is essential business: medical jobs, Police, Fire, landscaping, media and food deliveries, etc.

Yesterday marked my first day wearing a cloth mask in public. It was odd. I donned it just as I was walking into the Safeway on Morrissey Blvd. Right away my glasses fogged over and I was disoriented. Trying to wear gloves, juggle a hand cart, carrying an umbrella and maintaining social distancing proved to be quite a chore. But I got everything I need, and yes, they did have plenty of toilet paper. Thank you and stay safe folks.


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