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August 11, 2020

Now is the time to respect our leaders

Respect our leaders 

I am a Ph.D. in agriculture and marine research in the Monterey Bay for the past 50 years. I have read about and seen nearly every political regime, agricultural and oceanic issue as it relates to Monterey Bay during those last five decades. 

I read your “opinion” twice, as I couldn’t believe the broad swath of “Trump hate” that you slathered across the whole page (in double spaced, large type). To the Pajaronian: the fact that you printed in this format makes you an accomplice to such hate speech. 

Hate speech such as this does not help with national nor global issues; it only “stirs the pot” when populations are trying their best to survive well in a pandemic-troubled world. 

I, along with a very significant percentage of U.S. citizens (who voted Trump in as President), feel that he has been and continues to demonstrate unparalleled leadership and wisdom in national and global decisions.

From where I come from (both in time and culturally), we are to show respect to those in ultimate leadership; whatever your opinion, it can be stated with respect. Obviously, this is not where you came from. 

Pajaronian, please let me know which day of the week or month this column will be coming out.

I’ll be sure not to pick up the paper that day.

Judith johnson Ph.D., Watsonville

On the frontlines of community’s response

Sometimes it takes a crisis for us to appreciate the tremendous service nonprofit workers provide to our community. Right now, across Community Bridges’ 10 programs, hundreds of childcare workers; social workers; Meals on Wheels drivers and kitchen staff; Lift Line drivers; advocates; receptionists; and WIC eligibility workers are still working to deliver, and enroll people in, essential services. Their commitment ensures our most vulnerable community members are fed, clothed and sheltered during this crisis. I want to thank my coworkers for their courage, their compassion, their dedication to others, and most importantly, their willingness to offer support when their own lives are impacted. I hope that local government recognizes the contributions that nonprofit providers have made to support the health of our county during this emergency, and respond with real investment in our sustainability so we can continue to be a safety net in times of future crisis.

Raymon Cancino, CEO Community Bridges

A show of fairness

Recently, the Watsonville City Council passed an ordinance allowing tenants to defer paying rent 60 days during the current emergency without being subject to eviction, disconnection of utilities, or even late fees. A common stereotype of landlords is millionaires with many properties rented at rates inflated by the housing shortage, but many landlords are elderly people who worked hard and saved decades to acquire a few rentals to supplement social security checks with whatever rental income is left after paying for repairs and other rental expenses. Local “landlords” also include nonprofits like the Watsonville Woman’s Club, whose income is based on rentals of their halls for weddings and other gatherings that are now suspended due to crowd size restrictions.

As a show of fairness, why can’t the council also allow landlords to defer paying the city for water, trash and other protected utility expenses while the tenants are deferring their rent?  Shouldn’t the city share in the income loss its policies will force on landlords?   That sounds like “equal justice under the law” to me, and that legal concept is powerful enough to be written on the front of the Supreme Court building.

Steve Bankhead, Watsonville


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