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February 4, 2023

Organizations receive federal grants for vaccination efforts

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY—Rep. Jimmy Panetta (D-Carmel Valley) recently announced nearly $1.4 million in Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grants to expand local Covid-19 vaccination efforts. Funding will support health centers across the congressional district to administer updated COVID-19 vaccines.

Salud Para La Gente in Watsonville will receive a $298,093 HHS grant, Monterey County will receive a $432,157 HHS grant, Santa Cruz County will receive a $174,595 HHS grant, and Clinica de Salud Del Valle De Salinas will receive a $491,628 HHS grant to bolster Covid-19 vaccination, particularly among underserved populations across the congressional district.

“Widespread, up-to-date vaccination against Covid-19 is how we protect ourselves, families and friends and keep on going forward. This federal funding is critical to expanding the work of our community health care workers who have worked tirelessly to vaccinate our communities and leave no one behind,” Panetta said. “I’m proud that the federal government continues to play its part so that we at the local level can get vaccinated and get back to work, get together, get on the road to travel, and, ultimately, get back to living our normal lives.”

“This supplemental award of $298,093 from the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services allows us to continue to keep our patients and community safe through the winter and into the new year, by supporting expanded Covid-19 vaccine activities,” said Dori Rose Inda, Chief Executive Officer of Salud Para La Gente.

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    • Pajaronian deleted my two posts again lol they just proving my point by cutting my tongue out. If you didn’t know already Steve Trujillo is a man that should be looked at especially him being a cabrillo board trustee and giving Alfred Kinsey the thumbs up. They also won’t let people link in screenshots now oh how convenient.

      Edit to add since Steve is reading lol…. It’s not smearing when you acknowledge your love for Kinsey a man who used babies in his disgusting “science”. Also I’m not trying to correlate the vaccine with Kinsey and you. You do know we have free speech in this country so I’m allowed to talk about anything I want on any article. The commieronian deletes my posts too so I’ll post it everywhere so the people can see it. I’m also just simply stating that
      you a gay “man” who loves the science behind Kinsey who used babies in his studies is telling. You told me to do my research about Kinsey and let’s just say the majority of studies may be useful but the portion where he allowed over 300 children in his studies of sexuality renders his whole science moot. I for one don’t want pedophiles researching stuff for society and advocating it’s good for society. Also ad hominems aren’t helping you in your argument so just stop but I understand your progressive brain can’t understand that and won’t allow it. Trump is always on your mind isn’t he?? I don’t even like the guy but okay lol I don’t like any politician for that matter.

  1. Per CDC VAERS statistics- VAERS received 18,533 preliminary reports of death (among people who received a COVID-19 vaccine.)
    Serious adverse reactions in the hundreds of thousands.

  2. the Covid 19 vaccination has saved hundreds of millions of lives across the world. sadly, anti vaxxers hate modern science and medicine. and NO, all vaccinations are not free from serious reactions. but better to be ALIVE and recovering than DEAD.

  3. the lunacy from MOAN-EEK continues. her campaign to smear me and tell lies and spread false allegations about me continues. she does not understand , or accept , plural democracy. she is a right wing wackadoodle . ignore her.
    Alfred Kinsey was a pioneering doctor who did years of research about human sexuality. only right wing religious NUTS do not accept the fact the human sexuality is
    a science, and worthy of study. God bless Alfred Kinsey.
    and a Covid vaccination has NOTHING to do with a person’s sexual identity or sexual orientation. to try to connect the two is such ridiculous fantasy it qualifies as Trumpty Dumpty delusional syndrome.

  4. the recent news that China has upped its official death toll from 37 to 60,000 dead from Covid 19 further illustrates the fact that the vaccination saves lives. anti vaxxers believe in religious superstition, right wing political dogma and paranoid rumors.
    that is why , overwhelmingly, voters chose NOT to put them in office last November. and those who did get elected are SURROUNDED by those who choose to believe in SCIENCE, MEDICINE and REASON. and I am one of them , proudly.


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