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Photo Gallery, Sept. 6, 2019

Have a recent photo you’d like to share? Send it to us for consideration by emailing it to [email protected] or mailing it to 21 Brennan St., Suite 14, Watsonville, CA 95076.

Please include a brief description of the photo as well as the name of the photographer.


The omnivorous looper (from the family Geometridae), also called the avocado looper, feeds on several dozen plant species. They can be found in avocado groves, but this one was in a commercial organically managed raspberry plantation near Casserly Road. (Photo by Ed Show)


A daily visit from a loner turkey. (Photo by Ann G. Troolines)


These youths take turns heaving themselves off a cliff at the mouth of the San Lorenzo River in Santa Cruz. (Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian)


Surfers enter and exit the water at Cowell’s Beach in Santa Cruz. (Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian)


A windsurfer hauls his rig to the sea at Twin Lakes State Beach. (Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian)


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