Do you feel safe in Watsonville?

Yes: 338 | No: 126

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Jennifer Banchero Olds: I don’t feel particularly unsafe, but I would say I’m definitely wary. I moved out of Watsonville in 1997, and I will say I did NOT feel safe living there. But I have always worked in Watsonville so I’m there all the time. I learned young to LOCK EVERYTHING UP because they will steal anything that is not bolted down, and sometimes they will even then. I locked my car in my garage and then locked my garage!!

Sean Spencer: I’ve lived in Watsonville 33 years and I’ve always felt safe. I walk all over town and have never had an issue. I am male, so my experience may be different than females; my daughters get hassled for example. There have been a few times in which drivers don’t always pay attention, but that can happen anywhere.

Eva Ramirez: Yes, born and raised!

Rico Gee Leonardo: I think the City should put better lighting in the city only a part of downtown is light it up, the rest of the city streets are in darkness that should make people more safer when walking in the night and don’t get hit by a motorist, police officers should be more in touch with the community all times and not intimidating them for any reason that will put more transparency in the department and residents will trust more the effort.

Brian Skeel: Wish I could safely ride my bicycle on East Lake.

Malu Gonzlz: Lived here all my life. I feel safe to an extent. What I don’t feel safe is with the prior City Council representatives and current. There loyalty to their constituency. We have a housing problem, related to homeless population, rents going up, selling properties to wealthy developers and accepting their conditions. There exist an uncertainty of the economy for Watsonville. Makes people feel unsafe.

Pamela D. Webb: Much safer than in Santa Cruz.

MariaElena DelaGarza: Yes. Period.

Krystel Betancourt: Nooo too much homelessness

Sonia Bejar Chavez: No people are crazy and speed all the time

Pat Jackson: No too much crime

Duane Cox: I lived in Watsonville from 1962 to 1992. There were a few times I felt unsafe, but by an large, I felt safe. I can’t speak of today and although I’ve visited family over the years, I’ve never felt uneasy about returning to Watsonville. I know much has changed since moving away, but much has not changed as well… My cousin and I once had a video production company in Watsonville and we did great for our times…

Xitlali Cabadas: I don’t think y’all get how irresponsible it is to be putting up vague polls like this. If you wanna have a conversation, do it right.


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