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September 28, 2023

Shoppers hustle for the holidays

Tarmo Hannula

President Donald Trump was impeached Wednesday by the House of Representatives on two articles, abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. We’ve all heard Trump’s unending list of labels for this: lies, sham, fraud, hoax, shameful, scam, witch hunt, distortion, untruthful, mean, disastrous and on and on. Well, that list is now in the trash because The House put it to sleep. Done. A hoax? No.

Richard Nixon saved the nation the trouble and hopped into a helicopter and flew away before his historical Watergate wrongdoings were cut in stone. Then there was Bill Clinton with his famous “I did not have sex with that woman” lie. Yes he did, the House confirmed. Caught. Impeached.

Now Trump joins Clinton and Nixon on the permanently impeached list in history. He can’t call it something else and it will go away.

I saw a short video this morning on TV news of a young man who is blind skateboarding down, across and up a couple skateboard ramps with the use of a white cane. Incredible. Talk about nerves of steel. Kudos to you, young man.

This morning I walked along Airport Boulevard and onto Aviation Way to link up with our reporter Johanna Miller. We were to meet at the newly opened Zameen at the Hangar, a restaurant that serves Mediterranean food. It’s tied into a row of newer businesses that include Beer Mule and Mr. Z’s Crêpes and Teas. Business partners Alexis and Ed explained their business model and their menu to us. Their warm and friendly manner certainly set an inviting tone. My photo and Johanna’s article will run the Dec. 27 Pajaronian.


This morning coming out of the Capitola Mall on the 69A toward Watsonville the driver was attempting a sweeping left turn out of the mall onto eastbound 41st Avenue. That’s when a male driver of a large white pickup tried to squeeze through a lane and get ahead onto Clares Street. His truck narrowly missed the side of the bus. The operator have the pickup guy a polite toot on the horn and the truck shot ahead and got out of there. I can tell the Christmas rush is coming out in the traffic, among other place. It makes me feel pretty good that I can leave the driving to the bus operators while I settle into my New Yorker Magazine. Since I’ve been taking the bus a lot lately between Santa Cruz and Watsonville I’ve been able to enjoy numerous articles in the New Yorker and article in the New York Times. It surprises me that I see no one reading the newspaper on the bus. In Washington D.C. when I took the bus to school, and sometimes with my father to work with him at Howard University, scores of people read papers on the bus. You could count on getting on the bus and finding several newspapers sections on the bus. I rarely even see people reading books either. Maybe some of them are reading books online on their various handheld devices.

Quote of the day: “There’s no present. There’s only the immediate future and the recent past. — George Carlin

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