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March 19, 2023

UC Santa Cruz police investigating rape

SANTA CRUZ—UC Santa Cruz police are investigating a rape that occurred during a party late Friday night in a forest in the Upper Campus area.

According to police, the female victim’s friends found her passed out around midnight after a large party, and brought her to the campus fire station for medical attention. The woman told her friends that she had been sexually assaulted. 

UC Santa Cruz is providing the woman with support and resources.

The suspect is described as a young white man, approximately 5 feet, 10-inches tall with short brown hair and brown eyes.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Det. Paul DeOcampo at [email protected], or leave a tip at 459.3847. 


  1. if you were at that party, go to the PD and SNITCH. rapists are often serial assaulters.

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    • Really Steve, you once again use the derogatory word ‘snitch’? A few weeks ago you lamented using the word, but that was then.

      And of course you continue to deliberately use incorrect punctuation. How would you know rapists are often serial assaulters? Again you spout off on a topic about which you have zero expertise or credibility. Of course one could accurately write that for virtually all of your posts.

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      • Once again, you care about the choice of words rather than focusing on the task at hand. First it was a murderer, and now a rapist, yet here you are, caring about the choice of word ‘Snitch’.

        Why not use your time to focus on speaking out about someone in our community who knows a murderer? And another who knows of a rapist? Pathetic.

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        • The use of the word ‘snitch’ is derogatory and counter productive. I agree that if someone knows something about this, they should share that information with the authorities. Trujillo has used this word previously, and at one point agreed that it was a poor choice of words. It does not encourage someone to come forward, it discourages that person due to the ‘gangsta’ threats to ‘Get that snitch’, i.e. kill them. How does the use of that word help? Your description is spot on.

          That and Trujillo posts one bizarre comment after another because he sees himself as a ‘leader’ or a voice of reason in his self important posts. OK, it is also annoying that he deliberately (as he wrote in a prior comment) does not punctuate his writings since he wants to emulate the turn of the century writer E E. Cummings, who did not punctuate either (possibly due to the lack of computers?) and also was gay btw. Hmmm? It is indeed pathetic.

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