—Tarmo Hannula/The Pajaronian

I spoke with the National Weather Service today and a meteorologist told me that a long dry period was about to settle over our region for a long time, possibly through the end of the month, which is not good, being that it is now our rainy season. I drove past Struve Slough the other day and noticed the water level was extremely low.

Over the weekend I stopped by Gizdich Ranch and had a long chat with Nita Gizdich inside her antique shop. Just pick up any item in there and she’ll run you through the history, meaning and use of the tool, dish, painting or whatever catches your fancy.

A fifth person has died in the chaos that erupted in our nation’s capital Wednesday: a US Capitol police officer. There is talk now of top leaders calling for President Trump to be removed from office and if not, then impeachment would follow—his second one. 

Thus far 68 people have been arrested after pro Trump rioters stormed the Capitol Building, interrupting the Electoral College count and sending Congress members scurrying to safety. With some of the rioters waving Law and Order flags, Blue Flags (to support the police) and others waving confederate flags, large numbers of them took over the Capitol, unleashing outrage and disgust on sweeping levels around the nation.

I see in the Wall Street Journal that an opinion piece explores the idea that if Trump wants to avoid a second impeachment, his best path would be to take up the responsibility and resign. I think most people in the US and scores of other countries now know Wednesday’s events are going to leave a huge stain in the history books for Jan. 6, 2021.

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Tarmo Hannula has been the lead photographer with The Pajaronian newspaper in Watsonville since 1997. More recently Good Times & Press Banner. He also reports on a wide range of topics, including police, fire, environment, schools, the arts and events. A fifth generation Californian, Tarmo was born in the Mother Lode of the Sierra (Columbia) and has lived in Santa Cruz County since the late 1970s. He earned a BA from UC Santa Cruz and has traveled to 33 countries.


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