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December 5, 2023

Watsonville Plaza fair to highlight alternative transportation

WATSONVILLE—The Transit Equity/Rosa Parks’ Day Family Fair will unfold in downtown Watsonville Saturday at Watsonville Plaza.

Attendees will be able to test out e-bicycles with Royal Dutch Gazelle e-Bicycles, meet local organizations like Regeneracion, the Community Bike Collective, Ecology Action, and Friends of the Rail & Trail and sample bites at My Mom’s Mole Food Truck.

The five-hour event will include free bike tune-ups and repairs, organizations providing bike lights, bike equipment, environmental information, help for fixed income families to get signed up for a free bike, and more. 

People can also learn about new trails in Watsonville and throughout the county. 

“Join us in making our streets safe for everyone, our kids walking and biking to school, our elderly, and our community members with disabilities,” organizers said.

A goal of the event is to educate the public about a lack of equitable transportation options. 

Free Rosa Park’s Pancakes will be available until they run out.  

The event runs Saturday from 10am to 3pm. For information, visit equitytransit.org.

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Staff Report
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  1. Another meaningless post from Mr. Self Important.

    Btw, the event has been at Pebble Beach for decades. He then writes, ‘bring warm clothes’. He forgot to write, ‘change your underwear daily and eat 3 square meals a day’. And again please note that this unhinged individual deliberately uses poor punctuation as in this case once again. So sad. The fellow has a screw loose, yet not to make light of mental health issues.

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