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November 28, 2022

Watsonville’s Measure R overwhelmingly supported in early results

WATSONVILLE—Watsonville’s half-cent sales tax increase had formidable support from voters in initial results released by the Santa Cruz County Elections Department.

As of Wednesday morning, Measure R had amassed 64.67% of the 3,151 votes tallied. The general tax measure only needs a simple majority for approval.

Placed on the ballot by Watsonville City Council in June, Measure R would raise the city’s sales tax to 9.75%—the highest rate in the county on par with Scotts Valley—and bring an estimated $5.1 million into the city’s general fund. City leaders say that the additional revenue would be used to upgrade and upkeep Watsonville’s parks and roads, as well as its library and older adult services.

If approved, it would be the second sales tax measure that has received the OK from Watsonville voters in three years. They overwhelmingly approved Measure Y, another half-cent sales tax that replaced 2014’s Measure G, in 2019.

Abel Sanchez, who served as the co-chair of the committee leading the charge on Measure R, said that the initial voting numbers showed the trust Watsonville voters have in the city to use the funds correctly.

“We’re looking forward to using those funds to benefit out community, and I’m really proud of the community’s commitment to support those services,” said Sanchez, a representative on the County Board of Education and a member of the city’s Parks & Recreation Commission.

According to the Elections Department, the next update to the voting tally will come Friday at 4pm.

Tony Nuñez
Good Times News Editor Tony Nuñez is a longtime member of the Watsonville community who served as Sports Editor of The Pajaronian for five years and three years as Managing Editor. A Watsonville High, Cabrillo College and San Jose State University alumnus, he covers the city, business, housing, entertainment and more.



  1. What happened to tax the rich? This is taxing we the people. Have fun paying extra taxes and not seeing them be put back into the community just like they always say it will. Just look at all our streets in town for example.

    • this money is to build city parks, expand the use of the youth center and senior center, fix potholes and make other needed repairs to city infrastructure. it is NOT for the police, fire or to raise salaries for any city employees or the city council. get a grip, Monique. you are so uninformed you are an embarrassment.

      • I’ll believe it when I see it. Steve, the way you talk to people like you are better and more informative than the rest is an embarrassment. Do yourself a favor think for yourself and don’t let the tv and politicians dictate your train of thought.

        • actually, I attend city council meetings. you do not. i research the issues they address. you do not. I have been politically active all my life. you have not. YOU are the embarrassment. basic fundamentals of government that you need to have as an adult you have shown no knowledge of. . my neighbors ask my political advice often. yours do not. this is NOT Commiefornia. this is a great state whose economy is about to surpass all of Germany. that would make our economy 4th largest in the world.
          that is fact, not a train of thought. and your train got derailed last Tuesday. trump turds will have no voice in the US Senate. thank you Nevada !

          • So all those things you stated make you better than everyone?

            What does trump have to do with anything in this conversation?

            TDS is real Steve get that checked soon before you go off the deep end. I guess most would say that’s already happened. Lol!

            Just remember…. “None of us is greater than all of us”. That’s why the government pushes a two party system so we will be DIVIDED.

          • you supported him. you take responsibility for him, Monique. and YOU and his supporters are who suffer from Trump derangement syndrome. and if you saw his behavior at his daughter Tiffany’s wedding, you saw what a psycho he has become. he nearly destroyed our democracy. when one party, the RETHUGLICANS, insist on gaslighting the American people and deny facts, then we do not have a 2 party democracy. No, what I stated does not make me better than everyone. but I am more informed than you regarding our government. and i will continue to advise YOU, and others who do not understand our nation’s government , on this website, as long as the Pajaronian allows it.
            grow UP, Monique. act like an adult.
            and for your edification, we do not have to be a 2 party system. many democracies have 3 or more political parties, including our neighbors Mexico and Canada. so your statement above is fallacious.

  2. If anyone believes that the crooked city council of Watsonville will use the money for parks and rec they are kidding themselves. What about the poor field workers can they afford more money? Tax the farmers who are making bank in Watsonville and poisonings the children of Watsonville in their schools?
    I just moved here and can see that!


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