A portion of illegal drugs and other evidence is shown from a major drug bust in Santa Cruz Monday. — contributed

SANTA CRUZ—A man was arrested on suspicion of possessing a large number of illegal drugs for sale Monday on the West Side of Santa Cruz.

The Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office Narcotic Enforcement Team found Michael Rodgers in his car near Shaefer Road at Delaware Avenue around noon. 

Ashley Keehn of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office said Rodgers appeared to hide something under his seat as they approached him. He was on searchable probation. 

Deputies found more than 66 grams of methamphetamine and about 10 grams of heroin while searching Rodgers’ car.

Upon further investigation, deputies searched a storage unit Rodgers used and found an additional 467 grams, or about a pound, of methamphetamine, scales, packaging and cash. 

Rodgers was booked on additional charges for possession of controlled substances for sale, Keehn said.

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