kim de serpa election cantine winepub
Kim De Serpa (center) attends a small election night gathering at Cantine Winepub in Aptos. Photo: Todd Guild/The Pajaronian

WATSONVILLE—Pajaro Valley Unified School District Trustee Area 1 incumbent Kim De Serpa took an early–and significant–lead as early results poured in, showing a 66.1% lead over her opponent Natalain Schwartz.

In a small gathering at Cantine Winepub, De Serpa said she was looking forward to another term, if her lead holds.

“While campaigning is never easy, I appreciate the support of the community, and I will continue to help the students of the Pajaro Valley,” she said.

Trustee Area 5 incumbent Jennifer Schacher, meanwhile, is trailing opponent Olivia Flores by 83 votes, with Flores capturing nearly 54.2% of the vote so far.

Flores said she was hesitant to claim victory so early in the race.

“I want to respect the voters, and the votes that haven’t been counted yet,” she said.

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  1. The headline is that Schacher is barely trailing. Don’t bury the lead folks. The true news flash is that incumbent Schacher is losing by 10 percentage points, a gap that will be impossible for her to overcome as additional ballots are counted. The reason that this incumbent is being tossed out is obvious. She cannot be trusted. She fired the Superintendent and then made a 180-degree U-turn with no credible explanation for either vote. When the PVUSD elementary school kids do their alphabet exercises they can use the following adjectives that begin with the letter “d” to Describe Jennifer Schacher: .Double-dealing, Duplicitous, Dishonest, Deceitful, and DONE.

  2. DeSerpa touts bringing back officers onto campuses after she voted to get rid of them- resulting in the murder of a student.
    Unfortunately, our kid’s get what we’ve voted for….

  3. Our kids are doomed if there is not significant change in the PVUSD board. If we continue down the same path, our kids will not be safe on campus nor will will they receive an adequate education and that is tragic. In that case, parents need to find or create alternative educational models that work because public schools will continue to fail. The lockdowns were unnecessary and disastrous for the mental health of our kids. PVUSD, who locked them down forever, is trying to act like the savior with all their mental health experts for a problem they let happen and did not even fight to stop the closure of schools. The students best interests were ignored. Shameful! Why is it taking so long to count the ballots? Other cities and states are done. Makes you wonder…


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