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November 28, 2022

Watsonville’s urban growth limit extension leads countermeasure

More Watsonville voters have elected to extend the city’s urban growth boundaries for the next 18 years rather than head back to the drawing board and determine a new growth plan, according to initial election results released Tuesday night.

As of 8:16pm, 1,788 votes had been counted for both measures. Roughly 67% of those voters circled in “yes” for Measure Q, compared to the 54% of voters who elected to approve Measure S.

While both measures only need a simple majority for approval, the measure with the most “yes” votes will be the one that is approved.

Measure Q, the result of the committee’s signature-gathering process, proposed an 18-year extension of a so-called Urban Limit Line (ULL) approved by voters via Measure U in 2002. That ULL protected most of the agricultural land surrounding Watsonville from urban development by establishing a modest 25-year outward growth plan for housing and economic drivers. But some of the protections laid out in Measure U are set to expire this year, and the rest sunset in 2027.

Measure Splaced on the ballot by a divided Watsonville City Council in response to Measure Q, also proposed an 18-year extension of the ULL but would allow the council to make adjustments to the boundary during its upcoming general plan update—a massive, multi-month undertaking in which the community will determine what Watsonville should strive to be by 2050.

Measure Q proponents, led by the Committee for Planned Growth and Farmland Protection, told voters that their campaign is the only way to stop “urban sprawl” that would overtake the Pajaro Valley’s rich agricultural lands.

Meanwhile, Measure S proponents, a small collective spearheaded by a handful of city councilmembers, say that an extension of the current growth boundaries would negatively impact the city’s ability to build new homes and entice large employers to set up shop in Watsonville.

The second round of early results is expected sometime after 10pm.

Tony Nuñez
Good Times News Editor Tony Nuñez is a longtime member of the Watsonville community who served as Sports Editor of The Pajaronian for five years and three years as Managing Editor. A Watsonville High, Cabrillo College and San Jose State University alumnus, he covers the city, business, housing, entertainment and more.



  1. ✌🏼 commiefornia you’ll own nothing and be happy is becoming a reality here. They want to build up and keep your head in the clouds acting like everything is fine when in reality it’s not. Get out while you can people with young children before they trans them all. May God bless watsonville because y’all gonna need it.

    • YOU LOST , MONIQUE. BIG TIME. you want to move out of CA? Be our guest. a blue wave hit CALIFORNIA. no big red wave for you. BOO HOO !!! and God has blessed Watsonville. your leaving will be just another blessing.

      • Blue wave? Lol CA is always blue….fyi I didn’t lose anything, I’m gaining so much more by leaving this commie, baby killing, Godless state. Have fun paying all the taxes 👋

        Also I don’t vote for my chains of enslavement so have at it with your democracy in hand while I have my 2A. Which do you think is going to protect you? Here’s a hint not your “democracy”.

      • Blue wave? Lol CA is always blue….fyi I didn’t lose anything, I’m gaining so much more by leaving this commie, baby killing, Godless state. Have fun paying all the taxes 👋

        Also I don’t vote for my chains of enslavement so have at it with your democracy in hand while I have my 2A. Which do you think is going to protect you? Here’s a hint not your “democracy”.

        • My family and I are moving out of Commiefornia in 5 months. It couldn’t come soon enough.
          Democrats deserve what they vote for.
          The fear of transplants from the bay only solidified it. The families who have been here, won’t be able to afford the prices caused by the scarcity of homes, only pushing them out.
          Congratulations Watsonville. You get what you deserve.

          • Many people are leaving because they see the 💩 state it’s been becoming. For example San Francisco (poop streets), Oakland (homelessness and prostitution) & Los Angeles (homelessness & crime).

          • people who leave here cite the cost of living as the main expense. I can afford Watsonville. I cannot afford SF, Oakland or SJ, like many others.

        • chains of enslavement? read some US history and get educated. your ignorance is astounding. we passed prop 1 by a landslide. the right to abortion is now written into the CA constitution, which you have never read of course.
          Communism is an economic system, not a system of government. but you have never taken economics either, so your flatulence is both sad and amusing.

          • Kind of weird a man who can’t reproduce the God given way is all for abortions. Do you know how an abortion is performed? It’s one of 2 ways. The first way is by them pulling the baby limb for limb. The second way is with a medication that basically starves the baby inside. Kind of sadistic that you’d approve this.

            WOMAN HAVE CHOICES….
            Birth control pills
            Implants in the arm
            Morning after pill if you feel the need for extra protection.

            There is NO reason a woman doesn’t have a choice besides killing an innocent life. Margaret Sanger is someone you should read up on since you love to read.

            When an abortion is performed the genetic code of that potential baby is being ripped away and thrown out like it’s trash. Extremely sad our society advocates for this.

            The fact you want to follow certain science that only pushes your narrative is appalling to our intellect. Follow the science right?

  2. Monique represents the REJECTED ridiculous message that a huge number of voters ignored in this week’s election. In CA , her GOP is nearly dead. none of its candidates could come even close to 50 percent of the vote. her desire to pave over everything in our farmlands was rejected soundly as well.
    I decided to vote for both Q and S. I am glad I did. no chance of Monique’s fascist views becoming law anytime soon. CA is a blue wave state, and those of you who love trumpdump and his moronic minions will just have to live with Gavin and Alex or move to Idaho.

  3. If Steve is so pro abortion I would like to ask his mother if she was pro choice.
    Opportunity missed shucks. So we are stuck with him


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