Welcome back. It’s been a while. Sadly, I’ve been as busy as I’ve been hungry, so I’ve had a tough time chasing down food trucks around the Central Coast over the last month. I did, however, manage to schedule a date with a growing local favorite that calls Beer Mule home on Wednesdays. So punch another notch in your belt, and let’s continue this food truck tour of Watsonville.


As its name would suggest, Saucey’z is a food truck that prides itself on its wide array of unconventional and customary sauces that add some sweetness, tanginess or spice — among other scintillating tastes. How does jalapeño ranch on a chicken, bacon and cheese taco sound? What about some mango habanero sauce on top of some crispy Brussel sprouts and bacon? If your mouth is watering right now, this is the food truck for you.

Saucey’z has all the normal food truck options such as tacos, sandwiches, quesadillas, wraps and fries, but all of them come with some tasty twists that help separate this four-wheeled feast from imitators.

Yes, the sauces help set Saucey’z apart, but so do the gargantuan servings and the fresh ingredients. A taco isn’t just a taco at Saucey’z. A taco at Saucey’z is an adventure that looks like a work of art with its colorful assortment of pinks, greens, creams and yellows, and feels like a five-star blockbuster spy movie with every bite, always zigging and zagging, giving you a new blend of tastes and keeping you on your toes with each mouthful — a pleasant experience for those looking for a change of pace from the mundane taco, burrito or sandwich.

I rolled with the Aloha Taco and added an order of the YOLO Fries, too. The order set me back $18, and it could’ve fed a small family — or one really hungry writer. The taco came loaded with smoked pulled pork, cabbage, cilantro, scallions, jalapeños, pickled onions and fresh cut pineapple and was dressed in a mango habanero sauce and wasabi aioli. It looked so pretty I almost couldn’t eat it. The sharp taste of cilantro paired with the juicy and sweet pineapple melded well with the fatty pulled pork on my first bite. The second bite gave me a kick of the aioli and jalapeños with the crispness of cabbage. The third taste gave me yet another unique combo of flavors.

The YOLO Fries were basic shoestring french fries covered in shredded cheese, bacon, pulled pork, pickled onions, scallions, jalapeño ranch and BBQ sauce. I wish I could have paired them with a tall, cold Mexican lager or a juicy IPA. Every forkful was satisfyingly delicious and different, and the mix of jalapeño ranch and BBQ sauce started growing on me around bite three.

Saucey’z also offer fresh wraps, sandwiches and burgers — the Saucey’z Burger, consisting of a 6 ounce fresh ground beef patty, cheese, spring mix, tomato, pickled onions, ketchup, mustard and mayo on a brioche bun, was one of his recommendations. On my list for my next visit to the truck: the Fried Chicken Taco carrying shredded cheese, jalapeños, jalapeño ranch, BBQ sauce, scallions, cabbage, tomato and cilantro.

Deals: None

Location: Saucey’z is always on the move, but can be found at Beer Mule in Watsonville on Wednesday’s from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. Follow its Instagram (@sauceyz) to keep up with its travels.

Hours: NA


Editor’s Note: Food Truck Tours is a recurring column from Managing Editor Tony Nunez. Have food truck recommendations? Send them his way at [email protected]

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