Pajaro Valley High junior Ashley Cadenas was named to the All-PCAL Second-Team by coaches within the league. (file photo)

The Pajaro Valley High girls’ soccer team was one of the hottest groups towards the end of the season that was primarily led by a group of young, hungry players.

Jocelyn Llamas, Valeria Acosta and Karla Leyva were recognized last week by the coaches within the Pacific Coast Athletic League’s Cypress Division. The trio were named to the all-league first-team for their standout seasons.

Acosta, a freshman, scored a team-best 10 goals for Pajaro Valley, and Leyva, a junior, finished with six goals and a team-best four assists.  

Izzabella Brandon, Maricza Rodriguez and Ashley Cadenas earned all-league second-team honors. 

Cadenas, a junior, finished with six goals and an assist, Rodriguez, a sophomore, had three goals and Brandon was stalwart as the team’s goalie.  

Alondra Chavez, a junior, finished with four goals and she was named to the Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team.

The Grizzlies (7-6-3, 5-3-2) finished third in the PCAL’s Cypress Division behind Monterey High (11-4, 8-2) and league champion Soledad High (13-3-2, 8-1-1). 

Aztecs sophomore Sophia Martel, who set a school-record 51 goals in a single season, was named the Cypress Division’s Most Valuable Player.

Cypress Division

Most Valuable Player: Sophia Martel, Soledad

Offensive Player of the Year: Jacky Vasquez-Lopez, Seaside

Defensive Player of the Year: Larissa Rodriguez, Soledad

First team

Sophia Martel, Soledad

Larissa Rodriguez, Soledad

Jennifer Troncoso, Soledad

Clarissa Mojica, Soledad

Marcelina Ramirez, Monterey

Layla Chu Coloma, Monterey

Adrienne Runas, Monterey

Jocelyn Llamas, Pajaro Valley

Valeria Acosta, Pajaro Valley

Karla Leyva, Pajaro Valley

Jocelyn Perez, King City

Billy Jean Jackson, King City

Jacky Vasquez-Lopez, Seaside

Summer Sebok, Pacific Grove

Second team

Precious Aguilera, Soledad

Maria Sanchez, Soledad

Giselle Zepeda, Soledad

Mariana León, Soledad

Kayla Audelo Silva, Monterey

Isabella Licea, Monterey

Naleahna Ilao Russell, Monterey

Izzabella Brandon, Pajaro Valley

Maricza Rodriguez, Pajaro Valley

Ashley Cadenas, Pajaro Valley

Karen Florez, King City

Samantha Paramo, King City

Annie Dorantes-Arvizu, Seaside

Athena Walling, Pacific Grove

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship School: Seaside

Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team

Mariana Leon, Soledad

Chantal Geronimo, Monterey

Alondra Chavez, Pajaro Valley

Susan Montes, King City

Lexie Cabrera, Seaside

Karlee Kelly, Pacific Grove

Mission Division 

Most Valuable Player: Karla Paredes, North Salinas

Offensive Player of the Year: Nikki Benak, Carmel

Defensive Player of the Year: Lila Wright, Pacific Collegiate

First team

Alison Vega, North Salinas

Celeste Sotelo, North Salinas

Karla Paredes, North Salinas

Joselyn Ayala, North Salinas

Jana Komposch, Monte Vista Christian

Alexa Malaspina, MVC

Madison Pullen, MVC

Giselle Herrera, Alvarez

Anahi Aguilar De Anda, Alvarez

Natalie Vargas, Alvarez

Rosalyn Bourdow, Pacific Collegiate

Lila Wright, Pacific Collegiate

Nikki Benak, Carmel

Haley Ortega, North Monterey County

Second team

Joanna Lemus-Rios, North Salinas

Isabelle Vázquez, North Salinas

Nataly Valencia, North Salinas

Isis Mendivil, North Salinas

Julia Reiland, MVC

Ashlyn Hoffman, MVC

Madison Winchester, MVC

Danya Rodriguez, Alvarez

Xitlali Avila, Alvarez

Jacqueline Reyes, Alvarez

Katya Korobov, Pacific Collegiate

Ciara Castan, Pacific Collegiate

Maddie Gallagher, Carmel

Annabelle Flores, NMC

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship Team: MVC

Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team

Jessica Lopez, North Salinas

Caroline Ollenburger, MVC

Tatiana Chavez Pacheco, Alvarez

Bailey Lexington, Pacific Collegiate

Sophia Davi, Carmel

Gabilan Division

Most Valuable Player: Aesha Sandoval, Christopher

Offensive Player of the Year: Ryen Ortiz, San Benito

Defensive Player of the Year: Taylor Freitas, Salinas

First team

Taylor Mejia, Christopher

Aesha Sandoval, Christopher

Kaiya Stweart, Christopher

Jenna Urrabazo, Christopher

Taylor Freitas, Salinas

Susana Juarez, Salinas

Delilah Vega-Aguilar, Salinas

Maryjane Porter, Gilroy

Dahlia Saavedra, Gilroy

Maddie Krejdovsky, Gilroy

Laine Lowi, San Benito

Ryen Ortiz, San Benito

Miriam Hernandez, Alisal

Melanie Nunez, Watsonville

Second Team

Ella Oetinger, Christopher

Jessica Schween, Christopher

Carlie Silva, Christopher

Skyler Turiello, Christopher

Elizabeth Pozas, Salinas

Julieta Cortes, Salinas

Nancy Salinas, Salinas

Krystal Tovar, Gilroy

Addison Tait, Gilroy

Zitlali Diaz, Gilroy

Shaelyn Tamez, San Benito

Isabelle Richert, San Benito

Michelle Perez, Alisal

Julianna Mendez, Watsonville

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship School: San Benito

Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team

Nichole Maravillo, Alisal

Kayla Puga, Christopher

Vianey Garcia, Gilroy

Jasmine Vega-Aguilar, Salinas

Kendra Melching, San Benito

Julissa Felix, Watsonville

Santa Lucia Division

Most Valuable Player: Mailin Orozco, Notre Dame

Defensive Player of the Year: Daniella Rubio, Greenfield

Offensive Player of the Year: Cadence Walters, Rancho San Juan

First team

Cadence Walters, Rancho San Juan

Bryanna Castro-Vasquez, Rancho San Juan

Glendy Torres, Rancho San Juan

Jenna Emerson, Rancho San Juan

Mailin Orozco, Notre Dame

Jessica Lane, Notre Dame

Olivia Jones, Notre Dame

Angie Leissner, Santa Catalina

Liliana Pedroni, Santa Catalina

Romi Marckx, Stevenson

Ciara O’Sullivan, Stevenson

Makena Bedolla, St. Francis

Daniela Rubio, Greenfield

Guadalupe Tejeda, Gonzales

Second Team

Kaitlyn Francis, Rancho San Juan

Angelica Medina, Rancho San Juan

Natalee Morales, Rancho San Juan

Karina Vargas, Rancho San Juan

Ellie Fuqua, Notre Dame

Gianna Gastello, Notre Dame

Molly Nino, Notre Dame

Caroline Maguire, Santa Catalina

Kali De La Vega, Santa Catalina

Aisling O’Sullivan, Stevenson

Chloe Vogel, Stevenson

Natalia Ramirez, St. Francis

Marlen Zamarripa, Greenfield

Emily Ochoa, Gonzales

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship School: Stevenson

Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team

Elle Leatherberry, Santa Catalina

Natalie Murray, Stevenson

Jackie Angon, Greenfield

Stephanie Barboza, Gonzales

Jaqueline Moreno, Rancho San Juan

Claire Burke, St. Francis

Sydney Weaver, Notre Dame

Arroyo Division 

Offensive Most Valuable Player: Sarah Tate, Marina

Defensive Most Valuable Player: Alexa Arango-Cuevas, York

Goalie of the Year: Eleanor Johnson, York

First team

Alexa Arango-Cuevas, York

Izabella Tejeda, York

Alessia Torrente, York

Eleanor Johnson, York

Sam Ortiz-Naranjo, York

Sarah Tate, Marina

Cindy Fernandez, Marina

Abigail Hostetter, Marina

Janelle Quintero, Ceiba

Delila Arana, Ceiba

Ashley Kaur, Oakwood

Ayana Wilmet, Oakwood

Enya Koo, Trinity

Rachel Christian, Trinity

Second team

Celeste McGuire, York

Esmie Ortiz, York

Heather Galinato, York

Rachael Galinato, York

Rose Finn, York

Aarlyn Ngyuen, Marina

Kalissa Barerra, Marina

Fatima Jimenez, Marina

Eliza Lopez, Ceiba

Janessa De La Torre, Ceiba

Lauren Sorci, Oakwood

Kiera Gallagher, Oakwood

April Vogelpohl, Trinity

Cory Cowden, Trinity

Elgie Bellizio Sportsmanship Schools: Anzar, Trinity

Richard Chamberlin Sportsmanship Team

Maddie Gill, York

DeAnna Garcia, Marina

Sandra Tejeda, Ceiba

Reena Pankar, Oakwood

Courtney Hill, Trinity

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