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I would strongly recommend that the Watsonville City Council make their opinion known that the Council views the control of the operation and planning for the Community Hospital to be in the hands of a person that has been with the hospital and community for many years.

Experience, drive, discipline and sacrifice have been demonstrated by the current Interim CEO, Mr. Matko Vranjes. It is time to give this gentleman the opportunity to become the official CEO of Watsonville Community Hospital.

The City Council responded when the hospital was facing closure because of poor management leading to bankruptcy. Now is the time for the City Council to step up and demonstrate the same concern for selecting someone, other than another person from outside, from our own community to be the CEO.

I say again, as a retired former employee of over 50 years with the hospital, “I am tired of outsiders telling us how to operate our Community Hospital.” We have a person right here that knows the culture and community who can and has done the job so far as the interim. Give him the position, he will make us proud.

Fred L. Castillo

Former 50-plus year employee of Watsonville Community Hospital

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  1. I agree with you Fred. I also think the PVUSD Superintendent must be picked from local people who know our district best and have worked their way up to leadership.
    Too many times, out of towners are picked for important local jobs and it’s disastrous. It’s also a disservice to our local talent.

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  2. I am more concerned about a salary of $650,000 when the hospital is talking about asking for an increase in our property taxes. This is way too much money for our small community.

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    • That salary is outrageous. Maybe for a huge, big city hospital, but for a small country hospital like Watsonville, it’s insane. I will vote NO on any hospital bond due to this stupidity.

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