How do we reform a broken system? 

“The land of the free and the home of the brave”…a validation of America and its resemblance. Yet we are free no more; politically bonded to our nation’s injustice is considered a free world. Through the oppressors; the actions of belittlement and prejudicial bias have fueled the injustice of our country. A stand for unity and an outcry for help will no longer coincide with the bloodshed that fills our streets; “NO JUSTICE, NO PEACE.” A nation under God and indivisible for liberty and justice for all; accompanied by the radical idealist, racial construct and the undeniable terror of inequality. The implementation of justice can only adhere to the immoral actions and dishonorable conduct of our police force. Society can only correspond to the tension between communities and the police; humanity can not fix a system intended to oppress and diminish; they can only hope to reform this uncertainty.

Jaylen Carreon-Rodriguez, Watsonville

Why Cabrillo Board of Trustees should matter to you, the voter 

  1. They make policies that affect every single student’s ability to succeed 
  2. They need to represent ALL the populations that access our community college
  3. They need to clear obstacles that prevent Cabrillo students from achieving their educational goals
  4. They need to provide leadership in innovation for making Cabrillo 21st century in technology
  5. They need to keep costs to students DOWN
  6. They need to ensure that programs work for the benefit of all students 
  7. They need to hold the campus president to high standards

We need to abandon the failed method of going hat in hand to seniors and others on fixed incomes who live in houses that pay property taxes. Asking for yet another few hundred dollars in a tax override election every 4-6 years from these voters is outrageous. It has not worked in 16 years. Time for a change. 

This is why we must vote yes on Proposition 15. If approved by the voters, Cabrillo will gain $4.7 million dollars in revenue. How? it will allow the property tax rate on businesses that made more than $4 million dollars in profit to rise to market value. It would not affect farmland, small businesses or residential property. 

Cabrillo College needs to provide an office of ombudsman, which would help both students and employees with no health insurance, no permanent place to sleep and food insecurity. 

Cabrillo needs to reach out to seniors, veterans, the unemployed and inmates in our county jails to give them reason to get educated and enrich their lives. Cabrillo must emphasize that learning is lifelong.

I see the job of trustee of Cabrillo as an advocate. That requires energy, imagination, cooperation and resourcefulness.

I believe the cell phone number and email address should be  available to any constituent who wishes to contact a trustee.

Transparency and fact must be trustee policy. Remember, the root of the word trustee is “TRUST.”

Steve Trujillo, Watsonville

Support for Bolaños Scow

As a veteran Pajaro Valley Unified School District teacher of 33 years, currently, at Bradley Elementary, I’m writing to express my strong support for Adam Bolaños Scow for the PVUSD Board of Trustees, Area 6. The son of teachers, Adam understands what we need in order to best serve our students. Adam’s overwhelming grassroots support extends throughout the Pajaro Valley. 

In these hard times, families, students and teachers need a real advocate on the School Board that fights for a budget that meets the needs of our community. The sad truth is that PVUSD is losing good teachers and having a hard time filling positions, leaving our students with too many substitutes and non-credentialed provisional interns.

If we want to have fully qualified credentialed teachers educating our children, we can only attract them by making our classrooms a priority. Adam will do that.

I have absolute confidence that Adam Bolaños Scow is the right person for the job, and that his opponent, Ms. Orozco, has shown over the last eight years that she is NOT.

What a major disappointment she has been to so many by voting to hire and boost the salary of administration while at the same time voting to fire essential hard-working classroom aides who are struggling to raise their families here in Watsonville.

Another example of money that has been taken from the classroom under Orozco’s watch is the $150,000 salaried position of the first-ever PR person for the PVUSD. Really? More money ripped from our classrooms?

That’s why both the Teachers (PVFT) and Classified Unions (CSEA) voted overwhelmingly to endorse Adam Bolaños Scow for School Board. For the sake of our children and community VOTE for Adam Bolaños Scow.

Ari Parker, Watsonville

Vote for Dutra

I just received my ballot in the mail for the upcoming election and it seems as if with every election the ballots get bigger with more measures to vote on. To some, this can be overwhelming. I feel very fortunate to reside in District 6 where the choice for council member is so clear. Jimmy Dutra is far and away the best choice if you are looking for someone who can truly represent our district. When he was representative for another district a few years ago, he was instrumental in bringing the residents together as a community. He worked tirelessly to upgrade a neighborhood park for their enjoyment. Jimmy is experienced, dependable, focused, loyal and keeps his promises. Vote for Jimmy – you won’t be disappointed.

Barbara Corrigan, Watsonville

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