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June 1, 2023

Syda K. Cogliati: Help improve local government

letter to the editor pajaronian
Are you interested in learning more about how our local government works? Are you interested in helping improve our local government? Do you enjoy working in a collaborative setting with other community members? If you answered yes to these questions, please apply to serve...

Guest View: The long road ahead for Pajaro’s recovery

To say the last three weeks have been tough is an understatement. Overwhelming, heartbreaking, enraging and exhausting is more accurate. The Pajaro levee breach on March 11 came at the same time our community marked the three-year anniversary of the Covid-19 pandemic. As with...

Letters to the Editor, March 30, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Stay hopeful in midst of tragedies It used to be that I would write to my state and federal representatives whenever there was a school shooting. Full of shock and outrage, I asked that they support legislation to outlaw assault rifles and require universal background...

Maria T. Cadenas: Including undocumented families in safety nets is the only way forward

letter to the editor pajaronian
Thousands of Monterey and Santa Cruz County families were forced to evacuate March 11 after the Pajaro and Soledad rivers flooded this rural agricultural area. The storms arrived at the beginning of the growing season, just as farmworkers were going back to work and...

Mayor’s Update: Stay prepared

Watsonville city council
As we entered the second week of March, we once again prepared for storms and another atmospheric river event that was expected to bring heavy rains and flooding. The City is working tirelessly with many partners to prepare and be ready to assist our...

Supervisor’s Update: Stronger together

santa cruz county supervisor felipe hernandez
The start of the New Year greeted all of us with more water than any of us, including meteorologists, had anticipated. And again, this past week our neighbors in Pajaro were devastatingly flooded. Although Pajaro isn’t technically a part of Watsonville or Santa Cruz...

Letter: Upgrade levee with concrete linings

letter to the editor pajaronian
It is to my dismay upon reading that yet another breach in the Pajaro River Levee has occurred. This has happened numerous times through the years resulting in floods that have inundated the area. The repairs amounted to nothing more than a band-aid.   Following the...

Letter: Thank you for Porter history

letter to the editor pajaronian
I'm not a regular reader of the Pajaronian, but I am so glad to have caught the article “The Porter Family Legacy” (Pajaronian, March 10-16) and learn of the family’s link to the Chinese community in Watsonville. My father Henry G. Wong leased the...

Sandy Lydon: The Porter family legacy

The myth about how Watsonville’s original Chinatown (1870-1888) moved from the corner of Maple and Union to a new site across the river in Monterey County began even before the move was completed in September 1888.  The story of the delicate negotiations and the Chinese...

Guest View: Salinas Valley sets the standard on farmworker housing

Tanimura & Antle spreckels farmworker housing
The tragic deaths of seven farmworkers in Half Moon Bay in January revealed an ugly, persistent truth: there are parts of our state where our essential, agricultural workers still live in deplorable conditions. There are no permits, no inspections and conditions are substandard. But...
community foundation

Community Foundation Santa Cruz County announces $1.58M in grants

A grant announced May 25 by the Community Foundation Santa Cruz County will allow the nonprofit Salud y Cariño to continue its mission of...