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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Hospital is a lifeline for Watsonville I had an array of emotions after reading that the Watsonville Community Hospital got approved for a bond to fund much-needed repairs.  Currently, Watsonville is home to around 51,000 people, and for many, this hospital is all that they have...

Guest View: State keeps expanding school curricula while key subjects need improvement

Recently, the attorney general’s office completed paperwork for an initiative that, if qualified for the 2024 ballot and approved by voters, would require California’s nearly 6 million public school students to take a course in personal finance. The proposal, by an organization called Californians for...

John Song: A meaning behind ‘Thank You’

Rev. John Song
John Houseman, the British-American actor following his Academy-winning role as Prof. Kingsfield in “The Paper Chase,” became more famous for his commercials for the brokerage firm Smith Barney. His signature look was wearing a bowtie with a three-piece Oxford tweed suit and reading glasses...

Letter: Cabrillo College trustee responds to article

letter to the editor pajaronian
I will respond to the article (“Cabrillo board censures Trujillo,” Nov. 17-23) in parts.  1. The censure was about my Facebook page. It had nothing to do with my behavior, my attendance or my demeanor. I was not asked to leave, abandon my Facebook page...

Ask Nicole: Giving Thanks

letters to the editor
I often start this monthly column with a true story about my experiences as a parent. Writing about my own parenting challenges is like giving myself free therapy. I relive memories of difficult situations, work through my emotions in a safe environment (my office,...

Supervisor’s Update: Winter readiness and community highlights

santa cruz county supervisor felipe hernandez
As the winter season approaches, ensuring the safety and well-being of our community becomes our paramount concern. Navigating the uncertainties of changing weather patterns demands unity and vigilance.  In preparation for the winter season and to foster community resilience, my office collaborates with regional partners...

Letters to the Editor, Nov. 16, 2023

letter to the editor pajaronian
Questions surrounding PVUSD ethnic studies decision As a former member of the Ethnic Studies Community Cooperative Committee, I read and presented the following open letter to Ms. Jennifer Holm during the Pajaro Valley Unified School District Board of Trustees meeting on Nov. 8. I have some...

Letter: Help prevent youth suicide

letter to the editor pajaronian
For many of us, November is the month of Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season. It is a time when people gather with family and friends to express gratitude and appreciation for the good things in their lives. Families celebrate Thanksgiving as...

Letter: Don’t sacrifice airport for development

letter to the editor pajaronian
Under no circumstances should the Watsonville Municipal Airport be the sacrificial lamb for low income housing or other types of development!   Watsonville Mayor Eduardo Montesino states: “A playground for rich people to have an airplane.” Not only is this a reckless, erroneous comment, it also...

Guest View: Gear up for winter

letters to the editor
Santa Cruz County residents are no stranger to powerful and dangerous natural disasters, including winter storms with lasting impacts on our community.   The Santa Cruz County Department of Community Development & Infrastructure (CDI) knows that even as we continue to pick ourselves up after last...

Coalition sues Monterey Ag Commissioner, Department of Pesticide Regulation

A group of educators, union officials and pesticide reform advocates have sued the California Department of Pesticide Regulation and the Monterey County Agricultural Commissioner,...

The circus comes to town