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November 29, 2023

Letters to the Editor, May 6

letter to the editor pajaronian
Responding to levee assessment concerns In response to Sandra Haven’s letter about things people should consider prior to voting on the Pajaro Regional Flood Management Agency’s proposed assessment for levee maintenance, I’d like to add the following considerations: The proposed assessment is for current and ongoing...

Karma on the diamond

Congratulations St. Francis baseball! I hardly recognize you now. You are proof that the karmic wheel does turn, sometimes slowly, but it does turn. Just to remind, there’s been an orphanage or school on that hilltop since 1869, longer than most things around here. During...

Letters to the Editor, May 27

letter to the editor pajaronian
Hospital rating is unacceptable This is the type of news that does us no good. This is not the only article that has placed Watsonville Community Hospital in a less than positive view for the general public. What is to be done about this current...

Letters to the Editor, June 3

letter to the editor pajaronian
Dutra is the most qualified, hands down The time has come to make the choice for our next District 4 County Supervisor. Jimmy Dutra is the only one with an impeccable track record from his six-plus years as a city councilman and a year serving as...

It’s time to honor Fermin Tobera

Fermin Tobera should be a household name in Watsonville. It should be a name that is remembered and celebrated by all who have ever lived in the Pajaro Valley, and believe in justice, equality and progress. Sadly, it’s not, and that needs to change. Tobera...

Felipe Hernandez and Greg Caput: Vote No on Measure D

Greenway’s Measure D is harmful to our community, especially seniors and workers. Measure D is not green and it is not the way. Voters shouldn’t be fooled by Greenway’s expensive campaign. It’s important to understand that Measure D does two things—it rips out the railroad...

There’s a hole in the bucket

Rev. Robin Mathews-Johnson
Memo from Rev. Mathews-Johnson I love the old story that goes like this: A group of young children were sitting in a circle with their teacher. She was going around asking each of them questions. “Davy, what noise does a cow make?” He said, “It goes...

Concerned residents say ‘no’ to pesticide sprays

letter to the editor pajaronian
On Aug. 24, four of five Santa Cruz County Supervisors, except Greg Caput, from Pajaro Valley’s District 4, rejected the County Civil Grand Jury’s recommendation that they support an online pilot program to provide the public with advance notice of hazardous pesticides being applied...

Measure U apathy is troubling

Tony's Thoughts
At the moment, it seems that there is a very small number of Watsonville residents that have a grasp of the enormous question they will face in the November election. That is extremely troubling. Come Nov. 8, Watsonville voters will decide whether they would like to...

Why I support renewing Watsonville’s Measure U

Felipe Hernandez
As a longtime elected official representing the people of Watsonville and the Pajaro Valley, I know how essential and important the agricultural industry is to the region and the rest of Santa Cruz County. In two elections, the voters of Watsonville have overwhelmingly affirmed...
county of monterey emergency management logo

Watsonville residents may receive emergency test alerts

The County of Monterey Department of Emergency Management has begun testing a new Alert Monterey County emergency alert software and system, and Watsonville residents...