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July 23, 2024

This Week in Pajaro Valley’s Past, May 14

pajaro valley's past
25 years ago on May 14, 1996 The program “Home Independent Study” is open in the PV School District at Alianza Elementary School. The 90-plus students enrolled in it are free to explore their own learning styles, interests and ideas while keeping within state and...

Nicole M. Young, Jan. 4: Positive Parenting Awareness Month — A time to renew, refresh and recharge

This January, Santa Cruz County is celebrating Positive Parenting Awareness Month for the seventh year in a row, and several other counties in California are joining in — Inyo, Napa, Mendocino, Sonoma and possibly more.

Returning to class

By Jennifer Holm & Jennifer Schacher, PVUSD Board President & Vice-President  Like so many others in education, the Pajaro Valley Unified School District community has had a rough year. We are approaching the one-year mark of schools closing to in-person instruction. That feels significant. In...

Michelle Rodriguez: PVUSD poised to impact student learning during 2017-18

As we launch into the 2017-18 school year on Aug. 16, PVUSD leadership has a singular and coherent focus on student success. Achieving this mission will involve cultivating collaborative cultures, focusing direction, securing accountability, deepening lea

Santa Cruz County Supervisors year in review

In previous years, I have written about the year in review, however, since we are approaching the turn of the decade this coming year, it seems appropriate to have a decade in review.  As many of you are already aware, the county has been...

Progress on the Pajaro River

Zach Friend
Every year we have concerns about the Pajaro River and the stability of the levee system. The Pajaro River levee has one of the lowest levels of flood protection of any federally funded project in the United States and has been providing inadequate protection...

Guest View: County jails are failing people awaiting trial

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Recently, we learned of a hunger strike in the Santa Cruz County main jail. Due to intolerable conditions, nine men awaiting trial started a hunger strike on Nov. 8. Five remained on hunger strike for nearly a month. Their demands?  • That jail staff treat...

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7

Letters to the Editor, Dec. 7, 2018

Miguelina Manriquez, Nov. 2: Education matters — now more than ever

While most kids grew up running around their daycare after school, I grew up hanging out in my parents’ classrooms. Both of my parents work in the Pajaro Valley Unified School District — a district that is severely underfunded. This district is largely populated by low-income, immigrant families.

Movie Review: 'Baywatch' a bad, flat watch

...the characters are paper thin, the visual effects look like a 1990s video game, the action set pieces are only passable and there are several scenes that have no purpose and bog down the pace. But its biggest flaw is that it is not funny. Not belly-lau