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March 22, 2023

Guest View: Measure Q is a better option

letter to the editor pajaronian
It is time for us voters in the City of Watsonville to decide on Measure Q and Measure S. I read several articles related to the measures including “City Council places competing initiative against Measure U renewal” by Tony Nuñez in the Pajaronian on...

Guest View: Save it or pave it

letter to the editor pajaronian
As a member of the Committee for Planned Growth and Farmland Protection that is putting Measure Q on the ballot, I want to address some of the claims that have been made against us by certain Watsonville City Council members and others. We have...

Letter: Fairgrounds and community will suffer the most

letter to the editor pajaronian
I came to the Pajaro Valley in late 2000 to serve this community as editor of the Register-Pajaronian. For the next decade, my staff and I covered a series of fair managers and scandals at the Santa Cruz County Fairgrounds and it seemed the...

Letter: Dr. Gallagher is who the Hospital Board needs

letter to the editor pajaronian
Pajaro Valley Health Care District Board positions are going to be available for the Watsonville Community Hospital and the voting is part of the election ballot for November. There are two positions which need to be filled with new Board members. It is very important...

Guest View: Towards shared prosperity

letter to the editor pajaronian
When everyone has what they need to thrive, we all benefit. That core belief is part of what our group, Rise Together, an initiative of Community Foundation Santa Cruz County, is all about. Our intercultural, multi-generational Rise Together coalition has built bridges and trust...

Sandy Lydon: How Cabrillo College was named and helped unify the county

In August 2020 a group of faculty, students and community members approached the Cabrillo Board of Trustees and stated that the college’s namesake, the 16th-century navigator and explorer, Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo, was no longer appropriate to be on the college. He represented, they said,...

Sandy Lydon: The plan to obliterate Santa Cruz County

There were 27 original counties when California became a state on Sept. 9, 1850, but adjusting boundaries and forming new ones was nowhere near finished. From 1850 to 1907 the California Legislature made 35 major changes or created new ones. Imperial County, born in...

Guest View: Absurd decision threatens fairgrounds’ future

letters to the editor
By GREG CAPUT The Santa Cruz County Fair was facing bankruptcy when Dave Kegebein entered his position to save our county fairgrounds. The state had pulled back funding and thus threatened the existence of the fair. Many county fairgrounds have shut down in California due to...

Letters to the Editor, Oct. 7

letter to the editor pajaronian
Measure S is a fair compromise Watsonville Mayor Pro Tempore Eduardo Montesino made some important points in his letter (The Pajaronian, Sept. 23) urging voters to vote Yes on Measure S and No on Measure Q. As a member of the Pajaro Valley Unified School...

Guest View: Measures Q and S are flawed

letter to the editor pajaronian
By Kathleen Kilpatrick Twenty years ago my family and I supported Measure U. Measure U was a compromise measure that came from Action Pajaro Valley, a robust stakeholder process that created the Watsonville Urban Limit line to allow for some growth and protection of farmland...
Watsonville Hospital

Watsonville Hospital gets temporary CEO

WATSONVILLE—The Pajaro Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors on Wednesday unanimously appointed Watsonville Community Hospital Chief Operations Officer Matko Vranjes to serve as interim...