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December 5, 2023

Watsonville mayor's update, July 2017

Watsonville mayor's update, July 2017

From the editor's desk, July 11: A booming success for the airport

I figured I would show up an hour or so after the gates opened at the Watsonville Municipal Airport for the first-ever Fire in the Sky open house last week. Turns out, I almost missed my chance to park, and perhaps, miss the show entirely.

Movie Review: 'Spider-Man: Homecoming' captures spirit of cherished wall-crawler

Since the turn of the century there have been five feature-length Spider-Man movies but none have been able to do what “Spider-Man: Homecoming” pulled off. Peter Parker, the lovable comic book hero under the red and blue tights who oozes heart, finally fe

Dori Rose Inda: Senate health care bill threatens the well-being of our community

Having lived in and served the Pájaro Valley for 25 years, I am deeply concerned about the potential impact our community faces if the Senate’s version of the American Health Care Act (the Better Care Reconciliation Act) is passed. Like the House version,

Kirk Schmidt: Fire in the Sky a spectacular time

Fourth of July fireworks are, by definition, spectacular. Spectacular is what 9,000 (est.) people, who came to the Watsonville Municipal Airport, and many more in surrounding neighborhoods, said on Tuesday night, a fabulous pyrotechnic display to celebrat

On my mind, July 8: Are you listening?

I want to talk about a few pieces of music that have been life-changers for me. As I’ve mentioned in a few columns in the R-P, I studied music at the university, which gave me a running start into the world of classical music, meaning Mozart, Bach, Beetho

Letters to the Editor, July 6: Need trustworthy local leadership

Letters to the Editor, July 6, 2017

Movie Review: 'Baby Driver' hits the right notes

Edgar Wright’s “Baby Driver” is a stylized, musical romp through the action film genre that not only banks on the visual flair of whimsical and intense car chases but a standout cast of characters. The narrative is tight, the action, for the most part, do
santa cruz county animal services picket

Santa Cruz County animal shelter employees demanding changes

Dozens of Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter employees briefly walked off the job on Nov. 30 to conduct an informational picket highlighting what they...